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    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      At least you tried


      I assume Colonel Cinder is you giving Colonel Sanders some fire powers (that would be pretty cool, actually)

    2. yellowpig10


      nah i just named him that because the Palette looked like ashes and i needed a cool name

  1. do you guys think i should just post my OP edits anyway? like do you guys think that you'd use them?

    1. Hellzone


      i say that you should post them. someone might find alot of joy in them

    2. yellowpig10


      k i'll put them in one folder that you can download all of them at once

  2. i see your sumin sans, asgore and yukari and raise you sumin's betty and gaster
  3. so i've messed around with with fighter factory. i'm just making cheap edits of characters so far but i'm having alot of fun so far

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Did you edits the sounds so that they are...P A N T H E R K?

    2. yellowpig10


      no, pantherk wouldn't load on my computer for some reason so i don't have the P A N T H E R K sound effect to put in 😞 i would have if i could though

  4. i think that Minion Pig by Tanicfan22 is one of the worst characters i've seen in mugen. not only is it a low quality character on it's own but it's also MONSTROUSLY cheap (especially the second version)
  5. most of sumin's characters. being cheap is one thing, i like cheap characters. but their characters are so tiny that alot of attacks just go over them. there are alot of tiny characters in mugen and most of them piss me off but sumin's betty annoys me the most with it
  6. i downloaded mecha birdo by Fhqwhgads7, but for some reason the fireball projectiles aren't doing any damage to people? is anyone else having this problem? is it just 1.1? i don't know
  7. does anyone have a good bill cipher character? and not the OHKO one i want a real character
  8. hi, i'm new to mugen. i just got the game a few days ago and i already have quite the collection. i hope i get to make good friends on this site