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  1. I could say the same about your grudge against the Mugen Archive (and I'm sorry, but it still looks like a grudge.) As for growth, I'm measuring it based on my time as a member there since 2013. I was actually a lurker for the first 3 years and I remember back then there were days when the website would get less than half a dozen uploads a day. Now it gets between 20-50 uploads daily and apparently they are doing so well that they stopped using adfly purely because they don't need it anymore. I don't know the specifics because I'm not part of the MA inner circle, but if you think they're on the decline I have some land in a bayou to sell you. I'm pretty sure Dizzy said once they serve something like 25,000 downloads every day now. And I'm not sure what you're trying to say with your last point. Are you saying that MUGEN downloads are only worth downloading if they have been uploaded directly by their own creators? By that logic, are you saying that no one should download any work by a retired creator, because they are retired and their downloads can no longer be obtained from them (excluding retired creators like Loganir who maintain their own websites, but these are exceedingly rare)? - Just today I told Dizzy something she probably didn't like or want to hear that disagreed with her but I have not been banned (and as I said before, I am not in the inner circle by any means, just an average MA user). - I'll give you this one, I don't know the details but I was warned not to mention being on MFFA when provided the link to come here. - I agree with this halfway; I do think it's reasonable for MA to deny requests to have work taken down because, frankly, there are a lot of selfish MINE MINE MINE creators in this hobby that only want to release work under their very specific rules and regulations. Logansam, FabryTaz, creators of this type. It's very selfish of them to try to maintain a stranglehold in this way and I don't blame MA for telling them to get bent, but banning them just for requesting it is excessive. - I have seen PlasmoidThunder's name on MA and accounts banned for being his dupes but I have no idea who he is or what his history with MA is. As such I will abstain from forming an opinion about this until I learn more about the situation there. Not agreeing with you about the MA being pure irredeemable evil is not the same as brushing off MA's negatives, which I have admitted in previous posts exist (I've just said they don't outweigh MA's positives). I appreciate you admitting you're an ideologue about this, even if I disagree with you I respect your honesty.
  2. Forgive me for being blunt, but I think you're being delusional or at the very least optimistic in the extreme on this. Also, saying "well if nobody has it besides MA then it must not have been that great to begin with" reeks of childlike thinking that is beneath you and is more the thing cesarshadow would say, "I can't get that thing? Well, fine, it sucks and I never wanted it anyway!" Since MA has seen considerable growth, it would seem most of the rest of the community does not agree with your assessment; even if we take for truth the very optimistic assumption that all of the Mugen Archive's tens of thousand of files are possessed by other members of the community (or are so bad that no one wants them), what does a person do if want a file that is only held by some lurker who does not engage with the community like I used to be? Post a topic here and hope I notice it and decide to be generous? The Archive streamlines that process, it provides a place where sharing files is as easy as clicking a button and filing out a few fields (wheras the only other option is to tediously register with a filesharing service) as well as find such characters. And yeah, most people that register accounts only do that to download files, but that would be the same here too if registering was required to view the download links. Can you tell me in detail how it is accurate? Like I said, I'm willing to hear you out on this, even if I am skeptical. If I was partisan I would be just mindlessly shilling for MA and would refuse to hear anything negative about them. I have already admitted your experiences with MA, whatever they may have been (you haven't told me in any detail yet) were valid, even if I am currently not convinced they were more than a single person's bad experiences. If I was partisan I would refuse to listen to your side at all. As it is I am a supporter of MA but not a mindless one, i acknowledge they have both good and bad points and am willing to hear why you consider them more of a negative force than a positive one.
  3. Mugen Archive hosts over 80,000 files. Say you got what you want and God wiped MA from the face of the Earth, do you think the MUGEN community would be better for it? Do you think all those files can be found elsewhere, or that all their long lost creators would return from the ether to provide them back to us? I have personally uploaded characters and stages to the Archives people believed were lost forever and I am just one of many, many people that uses the Archive for this purpose. Right now there is no other website in the MUGEN community that provides this service. Is it true that certain people shouldn't have power? Absolutely. Is it worth depriving the MUGEN community of its largest resource, simply because you and a handful of others feel that the people running it are evil incarnate? Don't you think you're being just a little bit melodramatic here? At worst, Mugen Archive is a storehouse of files being run by unpleasant people (and I don't believe they're all that unpleasant). They're not a terrorist group or a child grooming ring or Hillary Clinton. (Amusingly, I also think you're underestimating Wal-Mart's capacity for paranoia and cross-competition subterfuge, but that's another topic entirely) They're certainly not giving anyone cancer (although I did visit an oncologist following exposure to cesarsombra's army of godawful Pokemon spriteswaps, just to be on the safe side!) I'm willing to hear you out on this, dude, but you are coming across as slightly... uh, partisan on this issue.
  4. Yeah, good luck with that one Cesar. Are you going to Internet sue me for making you chimp out too? You should try hiring Kevin Landau, I hear he's great at these cases! By the way, no one is fooled by your "pretending to be your own girlfriend" shtick, it's just embarrassing like that time you claimed you found your own creations on the dark web and they were now being made by some Wakandan witch doctor name you obviously made up. EDIT: Oh, and I already told you I'm not Edmund, that's a friend of mine I shared your posts with and he dug up all that fun stuff on you for me. You would understand how this works if you had any friends, my man! It'd just be the latest on a long list of places that have banned him. I'll be honest, man, I read your earlier posts in this thread and it seems like you have some personal beef with the Archive. Not to the point of losing your mind over it like some people I could name, but I think you're approaching this thing with the Archives from a place of personal feelings rather than thinking about how it benefits the community, regardless of how the Archive's administrators may or may not behave. Honestly people up and down this community have behaved badly for years, I don't like it but that's a fact. You may feel that the leadership of the Archives are assholes, that's your prerogative and might even be true, but they still provide a useful service to the MUGEN community, one that afaik no website does anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the links here on MFFA are all on Mediafire, yeah? That can go down like other file sharing sites have gone down in the past (sometimes I wonder how much MUGEN content was lost forever when megaupload got shoa'd into oblivion), but Mugen Archive hosts its own content and has already outlived the usual lifespan for a MUGEN community. Like it or not, they're here to stay. I regard refusing to use the Archives out of principle as refusing to go to the local Wal-Mart out of principle and driving out of your way to tinier grocery stores instead... sure, Wal-Mart is a soul-crushing corporation and its leadership is a giant bag of dicks (not saying the Archives is equivalent; I've had only good experiences with them, though I respect that your experiences went rather the other way), but it's not really accomplishing anything except inconveniencing yourself. If you want to, more power to you, but try to understand why some people just shrug and get their groceries from the place that's cheapest and most convenient to them instead. Similarly, I think upholding the blacklist out of "principle" is as petty as upholding it just because this site's leadership doesn't like that site's leadership. I'm not arguing for it to go down outright, not when MFFA is still blacklisted there, but I think this is an issue both communities are behaving somewhat childishly about.
  5. Let's be honest, cesarsombra, you're just mad that the Mugen Archives slapped you with a permaban for sperging out calling users every Spanish profanity in your tiny little head. (By the way, remember me? Yeah, you do!) Setting aside the Chris-Chan of MUGEN... I'm of two minds about this thread's topic. As anyone reading it might have gathered, I'm a Mugen Archive user. In fact, up until ten minutes ago, I was pretty much a Mugen Archive user exclusively, I knew of this website and occasionally used it as a lurker for resources, but I found the links here to be dead more often than not and so grew to reply on the Archive more. I believe, and have believed for the 12 years now that I've been a part of this hobby, that the hatred of "warehousing" is stupid and that creators who get upset when their works are hosted elsewhere (or, god forbid, edited by other users) are being silly. This is fundamentally a hobby about sharing, and people who take the Nemo's Seagull attitude of "MINE! MINE! MINE!" are missing the point, I think. So I agree strongly with the Archive's mission and am glad it exists. It fills a role that used to be filled by the old Mugen Infantry (anybody remember them?) and is frankly invaluable to the MUGEN community imo. That said, I have recently learned that the Archives has MFFA blacklisted as this website apparently has MA blacklisted. It's petty on both ends, I think. Silly tit for tat stuff that most of us, being functioning adults (ahem) should be above. But if the Archive blacklists MFFA, I can't reasonably argue for MFFA to lower its own blacklist, unless there were some sort of mutual agreement between the two websites. So that's my stance. I don't agree with the Archives being blacklisted, but seeing as it blacklists MFFA, I would be rather a hypocrite to argue for one side to lower its blacklist and not the other.