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  1. trust me buddy. i thought SMF was a dream for awhile too lmfao

    1. Pluscross


      Thank you for the empathy. I still cry everytime.

  2. i don't wanna overhype it or anything but it's coming together well, all of the sprites are almost done and then coding will finally actually be started on. i just havent been able to show it to anyone who actually knows what im talking about or why im doing it lol. feel free to msg me about it on discord or over here, i'm happy to talk about it since it's one of my favorite projects so far
  3. wish i could say i found it lol. restoration project, been working on mario on and off for about a few months and after that i'll try luigi/wario and maybe the other characters from the videos i actually found two of the beta videos from when smf2 was becoming smf3, posted them on my youtube, i think they're on the dudes youtube channel but yeah smfs been one of the projects im more into finsihing
  4. he'll use all of his smash attacks as accurately as possible to the way they work in smash bros without getting away from mugen's typical playstyle
  5. as close to smash bros gameplay as possible while still retaining a good amount of mugen compatibility (aka. normal fighting game character but with smash aspects)
  6. Feel free to add this to WIPS!
  7. Hey! It's been... a pretty long while since I've posted here. For awhile I've had a question about one of HCL's updated characters, and I've wondered if anyone actually... has, said character. I know that Sano has it, apparently, (and isn't willing to discuss it per usual), but if anyone has any info on this version of the release, or even a download, it'd be much obliged. I just wanna know when it was made, and any other general information on it. I want it because of the updated sprites, and overall gameplay (HCL'S Mario is kind of clunky but I got used to it. It just seems more appealing over V1.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-H7NtLpO1s&t=23s If this is not the right section to post this, or I'm not allowed to post stuff like this at all, I'm sorry. I'm just wondering what the deal is.
  8. i dont think he's even working on it right now. the dude gives up on stuff all the time. in the meantime mario has a few of his attacks added and i'm just working on physics
  9. a few months ago i was showboating an ssbb 3d mario for no reason but if he hasn't been added to the wip section i'll repost the idle i didn't really have much done back then but i'm working on the coding and some attacks currently. hoping for a release soon (oh yeah and my friends also making a luigi so i'll post his idle too)
  10. so, i'd get why you wouldn't want to include this in WIPS, this idle is awful so far, but that's because the dead pixels are still being fixed and stuff anyways yeah i'm making a cuphead (may not finish it) enjoy
  11. because i'm terrible at mugen creating, he'll probably play like kfm with minor adjustments. (also holy crap, someone else who knows what smf is)
  12. so, i'm making an ssbb mario. can't promise he'll be released though. (his idle is WAYY smoother, my image hosting site made it look terrible.)
  13. here is the walk cycle. this is one reason i don't want to release it. it's choppy. wish i knew how to code mugen characters. bleh.
  14. a good 3d mario. i'm making one right now but most likely not releasing it
  15. i don't know if it's just me but since downloading this mario randomly sounds in my other mario characters and other characters don't play anymore. it's weird but it may just be my mugen/headphones or the low quality mario. i'm not sure.
  16. may i have a download link to mario here?

    1. Ali


      Sure. Stay tuned I will send it!

    2. That Guy Sebi

      That Guy Sebi

      may i have it now? it's been a day.

    3. Ali


      I was busy And I am awfully Sorry. I will post it soon

  17. hey guys, i actually joined a while back but just found this forum now. i don't have much to say and they only thing people know me for is a color swap of ssb mario. comment if you want i guess. anyways, yo.
  18. everyones releasing betas, so here's a gif of a project i'm working on mapno (mario from space odyssey.)
  19. i was thinking color splash, ugh, for whatever reason i said sticker star
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