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  1. As it turns out, the Barrier bug from last time wasn't the only thing that had gone wrong. Turns out I had used the same variables at multiple places, which shut down the extra pushback from the barrier entirely. Derp. In the meantime, I found a few other issues anyway, so here's yet another update. Hopefully by now I'll have squished most of 'em. 07/02/2017 Update Notes: Kagura Mutsuki: - Fixed even more major buggery with the Barrier caused by an oversight with the variables used. - Fixed Kagura's Ryuujinshou Z having way longer fallrecover time on it than it was supposed to when not near the corner. - Fixed Kagura losing his iframes too soon during his Neutral Tech recovery. - Fixed Kagura NOT losing his iframes until landing when doing an Aerial recovery. - Increased the distance traveled when holding forwards or backwards while doing an Aerial Recovery. - Fixed Kagura automatically super jumping forwards if the opponent is far enough away. - Fixed part of the Burst icon effect being misplaced when it's fully charged. - Other smaller fixes. - Replaced palette 8 and 9 with two new ones matching other Blazblue characters. - Kagura will now play his intro when entering a Turns match and not being the first character fighting. - AI Fixes and Adjustments, as always.
  2. Ahah, I finally squished a bothersome bug affecting the Barrier system. This warrants another update. 06/23/2017 Update Notes: - Fixed Kagura's Barrier mysteriously draining in practically an instant against characters with certain kinds of attacks. - Fixed a rather peculiar bug I somehow missed where Kagura would constantly turn around when entering another Drive Stance (5A, 2A) after hitting with 6A-Y. - Swapped out one Match Win voice clip for another. Also added a few extra ones for... Later potential use. - Kagura should now properly sound like he's actually hitting the floor when tripped. - The default value of Kagura's voice frequency is now 3 out of 10 (used to be 1). - AI Improvements and Updates as always.
  3. I imagine your issue will be resolved if you make sure you've done these steps: 1. Make your palette. 2. Make it Group 1 and Index (1 to 12), and make sure the old one you're replacing isn't still occupying that number too. 3. Save it as a file inside Kagura's folder and call it whatever you want. 4. In the DEF file, replace the file name for whatever palette you're replacing with the name of your own palette. With this, it should surely work.
  4. If you want to be able to change how much he speaks (and get the rest of the updates), then yes. As for palettes, well, he has his 1-12 pals set in stone, but I guess you can edit them as you please in the Sprites section with any of Fighter Factory programs?
  5. And speaking of the above: Just a small update; after hearing a few concerns about the frequency the voices play, I decided to make an option variable for 'em, so you can now change it yourself. You'll find it at the very bottom of the first CNS file (kaguramutsuki.cns). 1 is the default that had been running up till now. Also, I probably had another small AI update inbetween. I think. EDIT: Also, after seeing a few screenshots of Mugen 1.1 matches where Player 2 Kagura's Heat, Barrier and Burst UI elements were oddly placed in the middle of the screen, I've gone through their pos values and changed them all from left to right, which should place them properly. Only issue left is the fact that his UI (and all my other characters', for that matter) is cut off on some 1.1 stages. Only real fix I've found for this is changing his localcoord in the DEF file to 420. It'll also make Kagura alot smaller, but I guess that's fitting for those stages.
  6. All normal, drive and special moves only have a 15-25% chance of Kagura loudly yelling them out. It's really just a personal preference of mine. I don't really like it when fighting game characters yell out their moves in the exact same tone every time they're used, and do it so rapidly that their voice lines can overlap each other. Kagura would be doing that if all of his voice lines played 100%.
  7. I'm gonna need a long cooldown from Mugen after this monster of a project, so I won't make any promises. But if I do decide to make another BB character, it'll very likely be Azrael.
  8. 'Ey, thanks to some data gathered on one of those online Twitch Mugen sites, as well as a little feedback from Mugenguild, I've made a few updates, including more fluff added to the Astral Heat move, making Ryuujinshou easier to use without potentially cancelling into a super jump, and AI Improvements. Always AI Improvements.
  9. You want Blazblue in Mugen? I got you covered.

  10. So now we went and made Blazblue characters. Unlike the Touhou characters I've made, Kagura was made to be as close to source accurate as I could manage; Albeat with a few adjustments, because this is Mugen, and things don't always work the same in Mugen. Find him on my OneDrive here. Note that there's both a Mugen 1.1 and Mugen 1.0 version of Kagura, and just like the Touhou characters, I strongly recommend getting the 1.1 version, because converting from Mugen 1.1 to 1.0 has a tendency of absolutely destroying the more advanced sprite images a character might have, not to mention that 1.0 just can't keep up with certain coding in the same way 1.1 can. For more specific information, go to my site. Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Kagura comes with. Here's some examples of Kagura fighting: And now a bunch of exposition for anyone interested: The Story so far... After having made a bunch of Touhou characters filled to the brim with bullets and shiny effects, I decided to look towards a new challenge, and I found it in the vast unexplored world of Blazblue. I've wondered a few times in the past about why there were so few Blazblue characters out there, and even fewer source accurate ones, but I would soon find out while making this guy. Turns out that a huge amount of the effect sprites in the game are either made out of a single sheet putting together a few sprites in a million patterns, or they're just plain 3d textured effects, which are super hard to rip properly, unless you know how to break down the game entirely and somehow capture them. And while there are a few people out there who've done that (and thank god for those people or we wouldn't have any worthwhile effects whatsoever from the games), I couldn't be bothered learning how to do so for what was essentially just a fun side project for me, so in all the cases where I didn't have the sprite (or sound for that matter), I decided to just improvise instead, and either use the available ones in new ways or (in 2 cases) import them from other games. In the end, somehow this "side project" ended up eating more time and effort than pretty much all my other characters. I guess that's what trying to be source accurate does for you.
  11. Introducing SpriteClub!

    This is where I've been dumping all my characters, even before I release them publicly. It's great being able to see them fight in many situations they never got to within my own Mugen. Also allows me to improve my AI significantly. Definitely recommend it.
  12. Zen Kasen Ibaraki by Deoxgigas released!

    Scratch that, turns out the only real issue was with a certain sprite I already had a replacement for when I made Kasen's Super for Resonance, and a move causing frame drops where I just nixed some of its effects. Rest was just a few quick buttons in Gimp and simple code modifications. As such, the Mugen 1.0 version of Zen Kasen Ibaraki can now be found in the Alternate Versions folder on my OneDrive. Nonetheless, I'll mention again that some sprites get really messed up with this conversion. I highly recommend the 1.1 version above 1.0 for anyone who can get it. Cheers.
  13. Zen Kasen Ibaraki by Deoxgigas released!

    She is, but if people want me to make a 1.0 version, I can do so later. I usually do that if I have a good enough reason. Only issue is that some of her effect sprites will get messed up beyond repair and I have to look into replacements, so it's kinda tedious.
  14. Another character brought into this world, hmhm.

  15. Zen Kasen Ibaraki by Deoxgigas released! Bringing my Touhou character count up to 7, it's my newest work: Zen Kasen Ibaraki. Based on Kasen Ibaraki from Touhou 14.5 ULiL, she has all the moves from her source game, all the spell cards and also an OHKO based on her Last Word spell. Anyone familiar with my other works, especially Flash Byakuren, will know what to expect, as Kasen is made in the same style. In addition, she has the usual Bomb super and an improvised 1-bar super to complete the usual standard line-up of three 1-bar supers, two 2-bars and one 3-bar my other characters have. She also learned to quickly dash across the stage and slide around, much like another work of mine. Finally, her Occult move is indicated by the Occult ball in the corner, and, like the Bomb super, goes into a simple cooldown whenever used, and her Last Word spell can only be used once, period, per match, just like my Stardust Utsuho's Supernova. Find her on my OneDrive here. The one in the prime folder is for Mugen 1.1. If you want a version for 1.0, she's in the Alternate Versions folder. I highly recommend the 1.1 version for anyone who can get it, as some Touhou ULiL sprites have a tendency of becoming quite messed up when you convert from Mugen 1.1 to 1.0. For more specific information, go to my site. So whether you're here for collection purposes, for a very fast playable character or for something with my usual hard-mode AI style, you've found it. Enjoy! Palettes: 1-4: Normal 5: The AI is unable to slide around on a successful guard. (Somewhat Easier Mode) 6-10: No Damage Scaling. 11: Clone Mode. (Summons 4 clones to fight at the start of the battle.) 12: Rainbow Mode. (Adds metergain, immunity to throws and basic attacks, triple attack power and allows Kasen to slide around regardless of what she's doing, whenever she's hit, even in the air.) Now have some examples of Kasen fighting. The AI at work. Super Move interaction!