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    Izayoi (Blazblue CPEX) released by Deoxgigas!

    Well, when I first made Kagura, I decided to go with the japanese voices to start with, and then maybe add the english voices later. But then it turned out that each character were a rather massive monster of a filesize on their own, so adding the english voices on top would just make them even heavier. Of course, I could also make a separate version for the english voiced ones, but then I'd have 4 different versions of each character lying around, each of which I'd have to update individually every time I do the smallest fix. Quite the pain. I wouldn't be against if someone else went and made an english voice patch for them, though. My thanks.
  2. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

    1. Darkflare


      There is no such thing as quitting Mugen. Only taking extended breaks.

    2. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ


      Or you still do stuff but basically keep it for yourself (as betas mostly)

  3. For my first wish, I wish for a Mugen version of Kagura Mutsuki. For my second wish, the same for Azrael. And for my third wish, I wish for... Izayoi. Find her on my OneDrive here. or Dropbox here (Mugen 1.1) and here. (Mugen 1.0). Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. Let's not go into details as to why I'm here again. As per usual, there's a Mugen 1.1 and a Mugen 1.0 version, and as always I recommend the 1.1 version, because Mugen 1.0 has lower quality sprites and effects. Heck, this time around I had to severely decrease the amount of effects the character has because it just caused too much lag in 1.0. Movelist, special palettes and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Izayoi comes with. Here's some examples of Izayoi fighting: There's not really any extra exposition this time. I've simply been snailing along and slowly building up this character for like half a year when I felt like it. Will I ever make another one? I'd say it's not likely, but I've been saying that the last 8 characters I've made. If I do ever return, expect Celica and her murder robot friend in 6 months+++, hah. Often times I end up facing new challenges whenever I make a new character. The challenge with Kagura was... The entire Blazblue system, as well as his stances and charge moves. For Azrael, it was his entire weak point system, and especially Valiant Crash and Hornet Bunker. So here we are with Izayoi, and the challenge for her was her entire dual-form and stock system, the extra UI that comes with it, and the absolutely huge amount of effects she has flying around compared to the other two. Thankfully, almost all of them were 2D effects, so it was possible to replicate them proper. PS: Both Kagura Mutsuki and Azrael have had major updates, especially if you're carrying an old version from before 2018 started. The most important one being the addition of 11p(Kag)/10p(Az) Serious Mode. If you plan to pit them against Izayoi or each other, please fetch their newest versions as well.
  4. Thanks to some valuable feedback for Azrael, I've managed to nail down and fix a bunch of issues that have been affecting human players ever since Kagura Mutsuki was released. Of course, this also means that Kagura has been updated too, but I already wrote that the last update I posted on his thread was the final one, so uh, I'll just leave a note here instead. His changelog is on the onedrive. 10/14/2017 Update Notes: - Changed the character icon to a close-up of Azrael's face. - Greatly increased the distance covered when Super Jumping forwards or backwards. - Azrael will now turn towards the opponent at the end of an Air Dash if the opponent is behind him. - Azrael should now be properly grabable even while his Guard Point is active during Hornet Bunker, Valiant Crash and Sentinel Dump. - The backwards Throw should no longer require backwards inputs if you want to follow up with anything when it does damage. - Tiger Magnum, Cobra Strike and Leopard Launcher will now all wallstick the opponent while the Valiant Charger w/UW effect is active. - Fixed a HUGE and ancient issue with Azrael not guarding properly at seemingly random times. - Fixed the inputs for air jumps and super jumps. They should both be much more responsive now. - Fixed a slight delay on Valiant Charger activation after hitting with Valiant Crash w/UW. - Fixed the opponent returning straight into their base idle state after breaking a throw, if they don't have a custom animation for it. - Distortion Drive supers, and alot of other moves that were previously unavailable, are now usable during Valiant Charger. - Distortion Drive supers should now have the same background darken effect last the entire move, rather than it suddenly becoming brighter midway through.
  5. Creating Azrael has made me realize how BS Kagura's Ryuujinshou really is in a Mugen AI vs AI environment.

  6. Mr. Tyrant is here to smack you in the face, and then eat it for dinner. Because that's what he does. Find him on my OneDrive here. So with the success of Kagura Mutsuki, I laid plans for more Blazblue characters that I would look into, after a nice long break. The one who would follow was Azrael, and just like Kagura, he's based on his CPEX version, has all the moves from the game, and is about as close to the source as I could get him. As per usual, there's a Mugen 1.1 and a Mugen 1.0 version, and as always I recommend the 1.1 version, because Mugen 1.0 has lower quality sprites and effects. For more specific information, go to my site. Movelist and specific mechanic information can be found in the readme file Azrael comes with. Here's some examples of Azrael fighting: Exposition time: It hasn't been easy. Even though I already had a solid foundation in Kagura to start with, it would still take hundreds of hours to build up this guy. Azrael had the same problem as all other Blazblue characters: Most of his effect sprites are 3d textured and pretty damn hard to rip, and unlike Kagura, Azrael had almost no standard 2d sprites of his own to work with. Therefore, I've had to heavily improvise: Azrael uses more sprites from other games than Kagura, and is also using a bunch of the 2d sprites available from various other Blazblue characters. As a result, Azrael now has alot more claw and fire in his moves. Well, I had my share of fun figuring out how to make him work, and learning how Dust and Vanishing (Banishing?) attacks work in Arcsys games, because Azrael has his own versions of both. Anywho, with this, I think it's high time that I put away my Mugen resources and fade away. After having made 27 LF2 and Touhou characters, followed by two Blazblue monstrocities, both eating hundreds of hours for their completion, I think it's about high time that I call it quits. My Mugen interest has all but faded, and I've long since left the main reason I even got into it in the first place. That means that I won't be making anymore Blazblue characters, and probably not anything else either, though I did consider making Izayoi after Azrael, but that was in his early stages. The most I'll be doing is fixing any gamebreaking bugs, if there's any that have escaped my testing. PS: Kagura Mutsuki was updated just the other day. The newest version includes all the fixes and improvements I discovered while making Azrael.
  7. Well then, here we are again. So here's the deal; it turns out that the best way to figure out the mistakes and bugs in your characters is by creating another one in the same style. As such, I've returned here one last time to deliver the final update for Kagura Mutsuki. If there's ever gonna be any more fixes for this guy, I'll probably just paste it over his files on my onedrive without any announcements. What, "creating another one in the same style"? Yeah, there's a new one incoming. Soon. When the AI is finalized, a few miscellaneous things done, and I've made a Mugen 1.0 conversion of it. 10/06/2017 Update Notes: - Added a Taunt (Start Button). - Added extra voice files for the Spinning state, Guard Break state and getting up from the ground. - Added the Same Move Proration to the Crush Trigger attack, which it's supposed to have. - Added a new, more electrifying animation for a successful Throw Reject. - Added more fluff to ground bounces to make it look more like the source game. - Added the animation for Distortion Finish which had sprites taking up space since the very beginning. - Increased the amount of Burst Gauge recovered when being damaged. - The opponent will now be forced into the standard air hurt state when Kagura kicks them off the ground, making them act closer to how OTG attacks work in Blazblue. - The overdrive timer now freezes while Kagura is using an Overdrive Distortion super. - Fixed another case of the same variable used for multiple different states. - Fixed Kagura being able to cancel into Overdrive when hitting with 6X, because apparently he's not supposed to be able to do that. - Fixed the buffer instantly triggering 5X when using Rapid Cancel, facing the wrong way when using Rapid Cancel during 6A-Y and not being able to Rapid Cancel certain other moves. - Fixed the opponent going straight into a guard state when breaking Stagger after getting hit by 5A-X. - Fixed 6A-Z missing its attack ID in the 1.1 version of Kagura, making it unable to cause a wall slam on counter hit like it's supposed to. - Fixed every Superpause giving the opponent a defense boost, because apparently I have to specify for the state to NOT do that. That explains alot of past issues with damage scaling. - Fixed Kagura not getting an attack boost in 12p. - Fixed various smaller errors here and there. (voices, animations, etc) - AI fixes and adjustments, mostly regarding the Barrier.
  8. As it turns out, the Barrier bug from last time wasn't the only thing that had gone wrong. Turns out I had used the same variables at multiple places, which shut down the extra pushback from the barrier entirely. Derp. In the meantime, I found a few other issues anyway, so here's yet another update. Hopefully by now I'll have squished most of 'em. 07/02/2017 Update Notes: Kagura Mutsuki: - Fixed even more major buggery with the Barrier caused by an oversight with the variables used. - Fixed Kagura's Ryuujinshou Z having way longer fallrecover time on it than it was supposed to when not near the corner. - Fixed Kagura losing his iframes too soon during his Neutral Tech recovery. - Fixed Kagura NOT losing his iframes until landing when doing an Aerial recovery. - Increased the distance traveled when holding forwards or backwards while doing an Aerial Recovery. - Fixed Kagura automatically super jumping forwards if the opponent is far enough away. - Fixed part of the Burst icon effect being misplaced when it's fully charged. - Other smaller fixes. - Replaced palette 8 and 9 with two new ones matching other Blazblue characters. - Kagura will now play his intro when entering a Turns match and not being the first character fighting. - AI Fixes and Adjustments, as always.
  9. Ahah, I finally squished a bothersome bug affecting the Barrier system. This warrants another update. 06/23/2017 Update Notes: - Fixed Kagura's Barrier mysteriously draining in practically an instant against characters with certain kinds of attacks. - Fixed a rather peculiar bug I somehow missed where Kagura would constantly turn around when entering another Drive Stance (5A, 2A) after hitting with 6A-Y. - Swapped out one Match Win voice clip for another. Also added a few extra ones for... Later potential use. - Kagura should now properly sound like he's actually hitting the floor when tripped. - The default value of Kagura's voice frequency is now 3 out of 10 (used to be 1). - AI Improvements and Updates as always.
  10. I imagine your issue will be resolved if you make sure you've done these steps: 1. Make your palette. 2. Make it Group 1 and Index (1 to 12), and make sure the old one you're replacing isn't still occupying that number too. 3. Save it as a file inside Kagura's folder and call it whatever you want. 4. In the DEF file, replace the file name for whatever palette you're replacing with the name of your own palette. With this, it should surely work.
  11. If you want to be able to change how much he speaks (and get the rest of the updates), then yes. As for palettes, well, he has his 1-12 pals set in stone, but I guess you can edit them as you please in the Sprites section with any of Fighter Factory programs?
  12. And speaking of the above: Just a small update; after hearing a few concerns about the frequency the voices play, I decided to make an option variable for 'em, so you can now change it yourself. You'll find it at the very bottom of the first CNS file (kaguramutsuki.cns). 1 is the default that had been running up till now. Also, I probably had another small AI update inbetween. I think. EDIT: Also, after seeing a few screenshots of Mugen 1.1 matches where Player 2 Kagura's Heat, Barrier and Burst UI elements were oddly placed in the middle of the screen, I've gone through their pos values and changed them all from left to right, which should place them properly. Only issue left is the fact that his UI (and all my other characters', for that matter) is cut off on some 1.1 stages. Only real fix I've found for this is changing his localcoord in the DEF file to 420. It'll also make Kagura alot smaller, but I guess that's fitting for those stages.
  13. All normal, drive and special moves only have a 15-25% chance of Kagura loudly yelling them out. It's really just a personal preference of mine. I don't really like it when fighting game characters yell out their moves in the exact same tone every time they're used, and do it so rapidly that their voice lines can overlap each other. Kagura would be doing that if all of his voice lines played 100%.