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  1. Big shout out and huge thanks to my friend, Nalgini Masters. He's the dude who made the logo here, and it looks amazing on the title screen, and btw, all the frames of the Earth animation are converted, so currently I need a SFA3-ish character select screen and Vs. screen along with a MSHvSF victory screen then we should be good to go. In the mean time, I'm gonna work on Ryu. Also, consider this post as a small advertisement, but if you have time, check out Nalgini's Facebook page and take a look at his stuff, his art is both adorable and beautiful at the same time, and I think they're worth a look. If you want a sample, I have one of his pieces right now, so just ask if you want a sample. Link:
  2. Yes, I originally asked a question whether I should use the WinMUGEN screen or the 1.0 screen. I just decided to use the WinMUGEN screen because I got impatient. What do you guys think so far?
  3. Hey guys, I'm finally gonna bring this thread back to life with a screenshot of a new project. Yup, my own screenpack. Currently I'm changing my Earth renders from RGB to indexed, and the total amount of frames in Earth's spinning animation is 360 frames, so I have a ways to go and notepad is probably gonna have the biggest file of all. I want the title screen to look like a high res version of the Marvel Super Heroes title, but with only one Marvel character and other characters. Once Earth's animation is finished, all that's left for the title screen is a new font and a new title, which I'll work on later. Now you may be wondering: Hey RDC, is there any progress on Ryu yet? Well, the answer is no, but I'm working on his animations right now, so hold on to your buts. As I said many times, I'm not that efficient. Also, a friend of mine from Facebook is making a level for my Donkey Kong and Wrecking Crew crossover stage, so be on the lookout for that one.
  4. New question since I already answered and deleted my other one: When it comes to making screenpacks, which one of the default MUGEN screenpacks should I use: The WinMUGEN one or the MUGEN 1.0 one?

  5. How on earth did you make the graphics in that gorgeous screenpack? Now I'm convinced to make one.
  6. Thanks. What about the characters themselves? (If you want to read info about my fighting game characters, I'll tell ya, but I'd rather show you a picture of what they're going to look like and post their info than just post their info entirely)
  7. As I said, it's interesting.
  8. I did, I did read the button mechanics.
  9. Very interesting.
  10. There, it's done.
  11. Also I decided to change everything in this style because considering the fact that I never played Capcom vs. SNK in my life, it would be kinda silly to use it's styles. So I'm gonna change the name of this topic and the idea of the style. The justice and rage bars are being kept, though. I'm planning on using this style in a fighting game I plan to make in the future, using Unreal 4.
  12. Error! Apparently your comment has been posted 4 times. And well I hope both consider porting it because I'm a guy who plays online multiplayer.
  13. Hey guys, just thought I could do a little something while I'm not making stages, and I did this for 2 reasons. 1: The English sound patches in MUGEN Dream are down. Well, some of them. And 2: Some of the sounds the creators chose is rather poor. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, since I'm not creating stages as of now (I need animal sprites for one of them and a level for another) and make these patches. You'll probably be thinking that I stole some of Goku's sounds from Team Z2's character, which I didn't. Here's the link, I'll update it as I keep making patches for the characters:' Currently Goku, SSJ Goku, and Piccolo are finished. Gohan is almost done (I think). And keep in mind, I don't have a video editor to showcase the characters with these sound patches (avidemux isn't good to me), so you'll have to test them out yourself. Also, the voices are pretty quiet in game, and idk how to raise the volume level.
  14. Bad news for me people, I broke my controller while playing MUGEN.

  15. Worked, thanks.