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  1. Bad news for me people, I broke my controller while playing MUGEN.

  2. Worked, thanks.
  3. Hm, okay.
  4. Hey guys. Right now I'm trying to make Khameleon a separate character from the UMK3 female ninjas, and as far as I know, there is no tutorial thing to do just that. I have seen videos of Khameleon being a separate character in a battle, so surely you guys know what to do. How do I separate Khameleon?
  5. Could someone tell me what Jet Li wore during his role as Wong Fei Hung? I know he's wearing a long robe, but I'm mostly looking for what he's wearing when it comes to his shins. His shins are covered in.... bandages? What is he wearing?

  6. Cool.
  7. Nothing much, barely working on my Ryu. What's up with you?
  8. There was a whole lot of "sure" in here.
  9. Found a solution for downloading Gonzo's stuff. I forgot that the Way Back Machine exists, so if you were to use the archive on Gonzo's site we should be A-Okay.
  10. Is there any proof that Omegapsycho is actually working on Sagat and the other characters that were originally bosses for Street Fighter 2?
  11. Hopefully someone would show up in here with the 2 characters and upload mediafire links of them, because I really want to get my hands on them.
  12. Another alternate link request by me. Apparently I can't download Gonzo's ('97) Orochi and Omega Rugal, idk why, I tried the links, and they just will not respond. Could you make some alternate links for them, please? (Manners, gotta remember them)
  13. Is there a place where I can post ideas for non MUGEN related stuff, like my indie games? Just curious.


    Also, I think I said this before, but I often find myself as not a efficient game coder because.... I'm just not. I either play video games or go on social media sites. It could be a while before I could code the games I have in my head, but I'll dream on I guess.