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  1. RedDragonCats17

    World Heroes Series

    I can't access Kaine's stages. Could you make a mirror link, plz?
  2. RedDragonCats17

    Toki and Shu by Ts (not small versions)

    Ooh! Thanks.
  3. RedDragonCats17

    Toki and Shu by Ts (not small versions)

    Alright, but I’m having a little bit of trouble downloading them. I click on their links in the archived website, and the downloads fail because of a network error, when I am conn to the internet.
  4. Does anyone have Toki and Shu by Ts, them being the same size as Saikei's Kenshiro?
  5. RedDragonCats17

    English sound patches for Choujin's characters.

    I need to edit them once my dad gets them back, because they are very quiet in game.
  6. RedDragonCats17

    English sound patches for Choujin's characters.

    Really? Shoot, my sound patches are in my old computer.
  7. Um... Hello? Does anyone have the time portal, at least?
  8. I looked at a collection of Enscripture's stages that are here in the forums, but I can't seem to find the Time Portal stage made for Quint. Also, I'm looking for some stages that are for the Snakeman and Toadman that I have. Do you guys know a stage for those 2, or do I have to take matters into my own hands?
  9. RedDragonCats17

    DBZ Sound Effects

    DBZ Sound Effects I'm looking for the sound effects specifically used in Team Z2's characters. I've tried Sounds Resource, but I had no luck. Do you guys have these sounds? Edit: I also want the landing sound from Choujin's DBZ characters.
  10. RedDragonCats17

    Ryo Sakazaki by Koopakoot (without the A.I patch)

    This is the Ryo I wanted. Thanks. I want to edit my request a bit. One time, Yagoshi showcased a version of Kyo Kusanagi in his EX outfit, but he also has his projectile. Do you happen to know a version of Kyo Kusanagi that's like that, but not in KoFM gameplay? (I'm eyeballing on the XI style)
  11. RedDragonCats17

    Ryo Sakazaki by Koopakoot (without the A.I patch)

    It doesn't have AI at the end, so perhaps.
  12. RedDragonCats17

    What is your Mugen Team?

    Sagat-X by ShinZankuro: He's the most dominating of my team. He does have good reach and endless combo possibilities, and his super Tiger Shot move (I'm gonna have to look up the name of that) is VEEERY damaging. I've taken down Sigma, Mother Brain, even Kamekaze's MvC2 characters with this guy. Iron Man by RedHot: Weaker than Sagat, but more agile and also has endless combo possibilities. I've taken down Kamekaze's stuff with him as well, but since he can't super jump by command, I can't beat Mother Brain with him. He does pack a better punch than Gou-san's Iron Man, though. CvS Felicia by Jesuszilla: I've been eyeballing on Darkstalkers for quite a while, and I gotta say, Felicia is pretty freakin' fast. I always rely on her Rolling Buckler and crouching attacks because putting those 2 in a combo can drain my enemies' health pretty quick. Even if ShinZankuro or RedHot make a MvC Felicia, I'll probably continue using Jesuszilla's. Idk. SSJ Goku by Balthazar: I personally think this Goku is better than Choujin's, mostly because of his combo ability and his Kamehameha. He's a pretty good tier in my team thanks to his hard punch and hard kick combos. K' by Black: He's the first KoF character I've played, and I'm the best with him. His flying kick can pack quite a punch, and considering that his projectile has to be performed twice, it's twice as damaging. His Heat Drive also has incredible reach. Unfortunately, K' is on my old computer along with the members I'm going to mention right now. Ken by G.D.T: Similar reason for Felicia. Scorpion by Juano16: "GET OVER HERE, BITCH!" Gouki by ShinZankuro: Originally I thought POTS and Mwryly's Gouki is good, but me being a more "MvC" type guy, ShinZankuro's is in my book. Endless combo possibilities, and laser.
  13. RedDragonCats17

    Ryo Sakazaki by Koopakoot (without the A.I patch)

    Really? I got him right now and I don't see the A.I patch file.
  14. Ryo Sakazaki by Koopakoot (without the A.I patch) Does anyone have this guy? I looked at the collection of Koopakoot's characters, but Ryo has a A.I patch, which is something I don't want.
  15. RedDragonCats17

    MegaMan Zero sound effects

    Never mind, someone in the Guild provided a Wayback Machine link.