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  1. I guess I'm in the classic FPS flow. I've played beaten Doom, Doom 2, and TNT Evilution, along with 1 episode each in Heretic and Wolfenstein, and thus far I'm starting to like all of them, though Wolfenstein is probably gonna give me a heart attack as Nazis keep shooting me on my back.

  2. Why would you name this thread in such a offensive way?
  3. Idk when I'm gonna do this, but I am planning to make a request for more sprites for a stage made for Ryu. Also, don't forget to check out the Think Tanks, I currently need some opinions on the style for my characters.
  4. Hey guys, I still have some reading and writing practice to do, but I decided to release this first just so that you guys can have it. Now I did release this stage in the MUGEN Guild at 2 in the morning, now I'm releasing it right here in MUGEN Free For All. You might be wondering why I made this stage, well no one uploaded Agnibyte's castle stage and I thought that seeing Bowser in the foreground and another Bowser in the background would be pretty weird, so I made this. Yes, I did miss some details like the P Switch and the platforms that float on the water, maybe I'll add them another time. Here's the link:'
  5. (I'm a impatient bum, if I'm annoying you guys, sorry) If you guys missed it, I did make a thread in the Think Tanks, so I hope you check it out sometime.

  6. Happy birthday, brother. Yo DJ, glad you've released this because I wanna play with him myself, can't wait to pair him with Super Mario Advance and my other future retro characters.
  7. They are, the designs for the protagonists are on Deviantart.
  8. Hey Basara, I'm looking for 5667's Iroha stage in his SkyDrive, but idk what the file is supposed to be. Could you tell me the file name please?
  9. 2 questions for you guys:


    1: Did you guys make any MUGEN videos featuring my stages? Just curious that's all.


    2: Did you try patching SAIKEI's Kenshiro with add004? If so, then you'll be able to tell that he needs mods BIG time.

  10. Quick question for you guys: I hope you remember Ryu's endings, when he trains at a waterfall, because I wanna make a stage from that. I know that it's near Gouken's dojo, but the question is, where is the dojo located? (not in real life, in the series)

    1. RedDragonCats17


      Also, do you guys have alternatives for a music program? I got FL Studio and I'm trying to run it, but I can't run it. I got quickfontcache.dll in there, and nothing's working.

  11. Hey guys, what are your opinions on

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. RedDragonCats17


      SiteBuilder, huh? I'll talk to my dad about that, because he's a professional on security and I'm not.


      What other recommendations do you have?

    3. Big Green

      Big Green

      IMO Weebly is better.

    4. RedDragonCats17


      Weebly? I'll think about that.

  12. Has anyone tried patching SAIKEI's Kenshiro with add004?
  13. Finally! A thread where I can just speak to you guys! I'll check on this thing when I can, but for now, go ahead and type something in. Wanna talk about OCs? Wanna talk about the games I wanna make out side of MUGEN? Wanna talk about my Facebook group? Type something in here, and I'll check when I feel like it.
  14. What the heck is going on?