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  1. Inactive


    The link is expired right now
  2. Inactive

    Mortal Kombat Series

    It's actually an original character and she's not on the MK games
  3. Happy Birthday Man! :-D

  4. Happy Birthday! :D

  5. What lifebar is this? It looks amazing
  6. Don't have another graphic card like that, just Intel
  7. @Dragon Sam The graphic card I use is Intel HD Graphics 3000. Its approx. total memory is 1316 MB.
  8. My specs: Windows 7 4GB Ram MUGEN 1.1 All I wanted to use those characters like Metal Face and other fighters with Hi-Res sprites is just for fun but how can I prevent that message?
  9. Inactive

    Most Overhated Character(s)?

    Yes And stop quoting my messages
  10. Inactive

    Most Overhated Character(s)?

    It was included too
  11. Inactive

    Ryu (street fighter) mortal kombat style

    Is it working for New MKP?
  12. Inactive

    BattleField (Me Custom)

    Where's the link
  13. Inactive

    Ending for Hyperion , Babidi , Sephiroth

    is it working for 480p?