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  1. pals for my gabriella character? i wasnt sure where to put this, i was wondering if anyone could help me out with some cool pals? not many people at all seem to be interested at mfg and i need some, thanks to all that can!
  2. He got a HUUGGE update: -Fixed timings on light punch, now slightly slower -Fixed timings on crouch light punch, a little slower also -fixed timings on crouch light kick -fixed All, standing, Crouching, Jumping normals CLSN's -Fixed walk positioning -fixed timings on crouch HP -Fixed walk Fwd and Walk Back Vels so its a little slower like in the og game. -changed air vel and yaccel on light punch and added air cornerpush -added the overhead punch that i didnt know how to incorporate in the first release lol -Fixed the second intro not working, so he has 2 intros now -Changed the hard punch, now it knocks the opponent down -added the light punch to medium punch combo back -fixed z counter hit, now connects -changed timings on crouch medium kick -changed timings on crouch heavy kick, made a couple ticks faster -changed timings on jumping strong kick made it slightly faster so it doesnt wiff near the ground everytime -made jump strong kick cause knockdown when in op in the air -Also made it an overhead -changed timings on weak RSD made it slightly faster and changed the ground vel to make it sort of a space clearer -made ex rsd slightly faster -changed timings on close ducking combination, made it slightly faster -Fixed the overhead punch not making op fall when they are in the air -Made ex ducking combination faster -Fixed ducking combination hook early cornerpush making the last 2 hits miss -fixed ex ducking combo hook same thing -fixed alignment on all soul flowers -fixed alignment on ex rsd -changed the the last hit of D.Crazy so u can no longer chain anything after the last hit -changed D.Medley now it works like roberts ryuko ranbo where he dashes and the full animation doesnt start unless the move connects -fixed timings on all blast uppers, slightly faster startup but slower recovery time -there should no longer be any corner infinites (i pray) -changed his gameplay alot, made him a couple different combos -overhead punch knocks opponent to ground when they are in the air -last hit of hard kick knocks air opponent to the ground -Fixed first hit of EX Soul Flower -Fixed some soul flower clsns -Realigned D.Crazy and Max D.Crazy Animations -Realigned D.Catastrophe animations -realigned all blast upper animations -realigned all soul flower animations -Changed his hieght and width slightly just because he looked bulky next alot of characters -Changed the velocity of alot of different hits so things chain properly -changed the blast upper hitspark positions -Realigned the parry FX so they dont look sloppy like they were -some combos i know ive added to the readme -made his normals slightly weaker because he can combo with them pretty well -made his role faster, and its also shorter i thinkkkk thats it there mightve been some i missed cuz i didnt start logging the fixes and stuff right away
  3. Updated. -Changed his small port -Ex moves and supers no longer gain meter -didnt change the -7 on hit because i like it that way, but i did make the second hit an overhead -kof sounds are intentional -you have a really keen eye haha it had all the frames but it was slightly off. fixed -im not super specialized on hitboxes but ill study it a lil more to figure out hey they are supposed to be - fixed infinite on both blast uppers -added grab sound -its not unblockable it just has high priority, but tuned the priority down.
  4. Heavy D! Description:hes pseudo cvs style. i made him cuz i really wanted this guy in this style for my mugen. please download and enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/6bgl7lhybnh67dz/Heavy+D!.zip
  5. Divine Heavy D! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8taY9a380JE Im a bit further with him now. Should be ready in a week or 2. I do need help making the super finish texts thoughm. They are : D.MAGNUM MAX D.MAGNUM D.CRAZY MAX D.CRAZY D.MEDLEY D.CATASTROPHE If u can help itll be greatly appreciated cuz im ass at Photoshop. Another vid soon
  6. alright, so i got the normals into specials and normals into supers but i cant figure out how to chain the other things. do i have to go to the cns files? or is it just in the commands? all help is greatly appreciated
  7. does anyone have the sean with the ai patch by mistah? the link is down on mfg and here
  8. whats the best kamui and kagetsus folder? its like 5 of em
  9. so superman has this move where grabs the opponent and uppercuts them into orbit but, on certain characters like broly by boyz and thanos by thenone, when he uppercuts them they just land back to on the ground and superman flies up by himself and doesn't come back down. is there a way to fix this problem? all help is greatly appreciated
  10. Does anybody have this stage? His site seems to be down and I can't find it anywhere else all help is greatly appreciated
  11. appreciate it again man i mine as well just ask u for everything lol
  12. does anyone have this stage the sendspace link is dead and he doesnt hosst it on his website? all help is greatly appreciated
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