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  1. The link to Sookie's fix for Shinnok is down.
  2. Nice trick with the bugs going across the screen....I almost punched my monitor :P

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      lol I don't know whether to say thanks or apologize. 
      I should prolly just go with april fools :)

  3. ....figured that. Also, glad my post didn't get spammed, because that would've made me look like a hypocrite.
  4. Okay, stop spamming posts, for crap's sake! This is getting stupid!
  5. Has anyone made an English voice patch for Dracula---either the original by raigugiraru, or the edit by Sky79 and Seravy?
  6. Thanks. :)
  7. Does anyone have the stage seen in this pic?
  8. That's a problem with OneDrive---I'm using Firefox, and it says it blocks the download because it "might contain a virus". It never does....anyway, just unblock the download and you should be fine.
  9. Downloaded Broly from this collection yesterday---both Broly Normal AND Broly Boss are beasts.
  10. Tried this version of Claire---I'd rate her a 4 out of 5. solid spritework, the sounds are good, she doesn't suddenly turn into KFM at any point---overall, she's a pretty good character. Nice little video showcasing Claire---someone linked to it in the MMV thread, so I figured it'd be worth posting here (Leon's in it as well).
  11. If I knew how to code worth a crap, I'd try to fix Black RX, Meteor and Birth at the very least---having good versions of them on my roster would be nice. I have Another Agito and Gills from ---I may upload them to 4Shared later, but I warn you in advance: they're not nerfed, and the last time I tried playing against one, I nearly destroyed my own keyboard.
  12. Are ANY of Otot1210200's's characters worth downloading?
  13. UPDATE: Used a link I'd saved from about 3 years ago....found it. The link in question, if anyone wants the stage for themselves.
  14. Went to ShenronMugen to get the stage, followed the link there, and eternalmugen doesn't seem to have a link for the Victor stage from Night Warriors. Can anyone here provide the much-needed linkage?
  15. G4 should be an interesting addition to the roster. Now if only someone would make a decent Kamen Rider Black RX.... .....anyway, Gaim hasn't been updated since last month, right?