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  1. NEW kof Marco - new super, Laser Gun and better combo potential I will share this Marco when the YouTube vid reaches 50 likes. Kof Marco from metal slug now with a new Level 2 super, LASER GUN. plus he can combo longer n pull off some swaggier combos. I will be releasing new content like new stages new super moves etc. on my YouTube channel. Please like and subscribe i will also be featuring First to 3 battles against friends who are amazing fighting gamers who bring skill. Thank u very much!
  2. Well I'd like to release my creations on my channel, but how are ppl going to know of my creations if nobody is ever tuning in with just like 3 ppl knowing my channel.. I'm not asking for money, I'm not asking for a arm or a leg, but pressing a single button, only just so more ppl could be aware of my creations when I release em. How am I supposed to promote my new releases if no one knows of my channel, I'm brand new I got like 3 subscribers that's it. I guess I do apologize when I was writing about what my channel is about, maybe I shoulda just kept it being about my release only. Thanks for letting me know btw
  3. add004 tag patch not working?? why? So i downloaded the add004 tag patcher, and i followed the instructions of dropping the folder n files where they belong, then opened the add004 exe selected the mugen.exe then pressed "change all" which supposely patches all your chars. it took bout 10 mins but then was finished. so supposely thats it, so i run mugen now and run simul just to see that its still a normal 2 v 2 simul match.... not tag. what happened? ive tried restoring all my chars and patching em all once again and it doesnt work. I have a feeling that its a simple annoying thing thats gotta be changed/moved.... anybody have any idea?? thank you
  4. Hi there, I wanna give Marco(metal slug) a new super. He is Marco-Kofa By Ahuron. As of now he has a lvl 1 where he dashes in for a combo super, a lvl 1 where he sends out a p.o.w. hippie, a lvl 1 where he sends a Slug tank to run u over, and a lvl3 where he turns to zombie Marco and red vomits all over you. So I'd like to give him a level 2/or level 3 super where he pulls out the LASER GUN. I have no idea on deep character coding but I am a graphic designer and I'm confident that I can make the sprites for his "laser gun super" I am very good at Photoshop n illustrator so I am pretty artistic and patient. So if I design the "laser gun super" animation sprites, is there anybody who would like to join me in this project in coding this animation in, like I said I can handle the Sprite works, I just need someone to handle the other side of things. Thank you PS! I have all the metal slug laser sprites and hitsparks from the games in a folder and I have ripped all his png sprites that has his "heavy machine gun" move animation, where he pulls the gun out, shoots, then puts it away in a folder too. Im just planning on using that exact animation of his, but holding a different gun of coarse. which I also found a sprite of. Here is a quick sample. PLEASE, I really want someone to help me with this project for I am new at this but with the help of someone I know I could get done a lot faster in time to share with all of yall.
  5. How to Set Dream Cancels & Super Cancels for Moves

    Bump. I also would like to know how to add this to the chars who don't have em
  6. Juggle programation, how could I do that?

    That is sick!!! I want my characters to juggle more like that instead of just 1 hit juggle. What do I change in their files to achieve more freedom in juggles??
  7. How do I change VS screen?

    Is there a way I can copy and use the VS screen from another screen pack and use it on my cvs3 screen pack? Because as of right now I don't have a VS screen that displays who's about to fight, all it is it's just a screenshot that says loading. Please help, I wanna see a actually VS screen before the matches it's tiring to see a screen that says "loading"
  8. How to Edit the Versus Screen in a ScreenPack

    Is there not an easier way? i dont wanna be making my own versus screen or anything. is there not a way i can just copy the already made VS screen from another screen pack and bring it into my cvs3 screen pack? I also just have a "Now Loading" screen as my VS screen that i dont want
  9. hey people, does anyone know how i can get the vs screen from another screen pack into my cvs3 screen pack? cause my vs screen is nothing but a now loading screen

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    2. uaguilar


      bro, i figured it out!!! i got the vs screen from another screen pack and it looks amazing.  thanks for all your help btw.     did you still need help doing the same??

    3. Pluscross


      I'll try my own words when I get enough time and motivation. Wonderful to hear it worked though.

    4. uaguilar


      ya fo sho,  if you get around in doing it, and need bit of some help dont feel shy bout messaging me.

  10. How do I change VS screen?

    How do I copy and use a VS screen from another screen pack and use it on my cvs3 screen pack? Cause as of right now all I have for my VS screen is a screenshot that simply says "now loading". Please help, I'm tired of seeing that now loading screen when I should be seeing who's fighting next.
  11. Ok, so how do we make the characters EX only???
  12. My Marvel VS Capcom Infinite roster I hope for MARVEL -Captain Marvel -Iron Man -Captain America -Spider-man -Thor(male or female, dont care really) -Hulk -Black Panther -Ant-man -Rocket Raccoon w/ groot -Iron Fist -Black Widow -Scarlett Witch (instead of Dr Strange, we had em in 3 and i say they would have similar moves and lets go with a female this time) -The Punisher -Ghost Rider -Venom -Carnage(replace shuma, would move like shuma but 1 million times better, more interesting, projectiles like symbiote shards, able to swing, normals would be very awesome animations like giant blades/axes) -Green Goblin(replacing Modok and his game style and control. would just have different moves and green goblin would probably be faster than modok) -Ultron -Loki -Thanos with infinity gems(final boss, unplayable) DLC -Wolverine -Cyclops -Gambit -Magneto -Silver Surfer -Dr Doom CAPCOM -Ryu -Ken -Cammy(replacing chun-li for this one) -Rashid -Morrigan -Lord Raptor -Jedah -Megaman X -Zero -Sigma -Edward Falcon -Dante -Samanusuke (onimusha 3 design, but honestly I dont care i just want him in the game. If they absolutely cannot because of actor, Soki will have to do.) -Batsu -Jin -Strider Hiryu -Regina -Leon Kennedy (RE2) -Haggar DLC -Arthur -Tessa -Hayato -Wesker -Skullomania -Captain Commando What do ya'll think??!!! man i hope its just like this!! this is my dream roster
  13. o forgot to add asura, never played the game myself thats why
  14. HI, how do i make a move into a INFINITE! hi! i was wondering how do i make a move have properties for a infinite, like where they float down without being able to tech out where it gives me the chance to loop the move if in corner etc. Its for the more lower tier characters in my marvel roster, its so hard for them to get in, or out zone other heavy zoners... so they need to make it up by having easy to do infinites. HELP PLEASE :p THANK YOU SO MUCH
  15. My very First MVC Ikemen edition Release

    how does this work?? do i just add all my characters to this and then i'll b able to play it online???

    Hi i have a full mvc mugen that id like to share and have it be online ikemen. i dont know where to start?? so i decided to comment here, any help would be great thank you
  17. I posted what I think would be the best mvc infinite roster in the random chatter section.  check it out :)

  18. ideas for mugen 1.2

    Here are things i think need to be added in the future. 1. If some how it can come with a tag/w assists mode, ya know along with your single, simul, turns. so it'll look like this (single, simul, tag, turns) maybe uno can colabarate with electabyte in added his tag patch in like that. 2. Stage Viewer. when selecting your stages after you've picked your characters, instead of it being text of the stages alone its actually the text with image of the stage. 3. Being able to add "character themes" like mvc. when your fighting that character, his theme plays. 4. ability to now add that arcade mode "ladder" pre match animation.... ya know what we see in mortal kombat games. its that ladder that shows all the opponents you gotta fight with the boss being on top. different screen packs would have different ladder looks.... it'll be simple I'd say cause it'll just be the characters images in a ladder, and the mugen already pre knowing all who your going to fight and just show em to you in order. 5. Can we PLEASE for the love of god get a point system!! so this can officially be liike a real arcade. like when i dont press anything in the main menu i wanna see like the top 10 players with highest points, ya kno.... like when you add your 3 letter initials. and when it comes back the 2nd time around it should show the top 10 highest players with highest number combos, so it'll show your 3 initials, your combo hits number, and the character(s) you were using when you achieved this many hits. thank you :)
  19. Ironman's stand H punch...

    Ironman's stand H punch... I got iron Man based off his mvc2 self, and when he does his standing H punch it causes knock back. What I want, is for it to simply cause your average heavy punch hitstun, not knockback. and when air opponent gets hit I want it to cause a semi float state, not knockback. How do I do this?? (Dunno if I'm requesting this on the right section apologies if it's on wrong section).
  20. Ironman's stand H punch...

    Ironman's stand H punch... I got iron Man based off his mvc2 self, and when he does his standing H punch it causes knock back. What I want, is for it to simply cause your average heavy punch hitstun, not knockback. and when air opponent gets hit I want it to cause a semi float state, not knockback. How do I do this?? (Dunno if I'm requesting this on the right section apologies if it's on wrong section).
  21. Hey wassup mugen heads! I have a friend who cannot properly execute with the joystick of the pads(I use 360 controller, he uses ps3 controller). When i config the buttons on the options screen, for the up, down, left, right all i can set it up with is the joystick of the controller, and never the D-pad. We both would LOVE to use the D-pad rather than the joystick of our controllers. Is there anyway we can change it to work with the D-pad of our controllers?
  22. Bump. I still need help with this please
  23. I must know pleaaase. I got my 360 pad n my ps3 pad connected n it's awesome, but I can only play with the bottom joystick. How do I enable d-pad availability?! Thank u