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Gonna start spoilering Rice's girls in case you're getting a bit bored of me constantly drawing them.

Practicing hands next to the face, Flavens featured in it:


Nice ! :awesome



Decided to go with her alternate outfit this time, I see...


And its not the shampoo she uses, its the hair cream *shot*


So I guess the "cadet" is gonna get spoilered too?

LOL! XD Rice

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I actually really like that pic, so much happinez is radiating from that smile. If she were real and smiling to me like that, I'd definitely suggest her to go and hang out with me to do fun things like watching a movie, eating dinner or relax while engaging in sportsmanlike actvities like bowling, pool or heck, just go swimming! :awesome


That is is she were real though, don't think for a second I'm the type of guy who fantasizes doing such things with fictional characters.


Actually, I do fantasize about that. Does that make me unique or what? 


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