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  1. mulambo's artworks

    Sokaku Mochizuki... completed. Next char to go: Tung Fu Rue...
  2. mulambo's artworks

    mulambo's artworks Well, just wanted to share my artworks, most of them are fan-art inspired by fighting games, in "vs" style 1vs1. I use Gimp (image effects, and other fixes), MyPaint (for the characters) and Blender (for the background). They're all on my site: or on my DA account and on other sites as well (such as my blog which contains the "making of" ) This is the last one I made (that doesn't contain gore stuff): Now working on... Yugo (Kensei) VS Michelle (Tekken)
  3. mulambo's artworks

    new artwork in progress... Tung Fu Rue VS Sokaku Mochizuki
  4. mulambo's artworks

    Necro VS Jack Artpal: Deviantart: Blogger:
  5. mulambo's artworks

    new one in progress... Necro VS Jack-0
  6. mulambo's artworks

    I've just made a new fan-art piece... Yugo VS Michelle Yugo is a char from the PSX Konami's game "Kensei: Sacred Fist" (for those which don't know the game). I've drawn him in the past, but it was crap, so here it is (hopefully better than before). The choice of Michelle Chang as his opponent is pretty random, I really didn't know who to draw against him, I thought a female would fit, I've never drawn Michelle before so here she is (Tekken2 clothing). The artwork has been made in pencils MyPaint, Gimp and Blender (for the stage). You can see the progresses of the work here:
  7. Street WTFighter

    Street WTFighter After 7 days of insane lulz... here is the official first release of *drum rolls* STREEEET WHATTHEFIGHTER!!! Inspired by the most weird unofficial version of Street Fighter 2 : Kouryu Edition, here is something even worse than the worse thing you ever experienced in character making, that breaks any rule of composition and tests the patience of the most virtuous and picky developer/player! This game feautures: - 13 characters, revised, overpowered, cheap and totally out-of-mind versions of classic Street Fighter 2 characters - 13 stages, with weird music, weird stuff and destabilizing graphics which will cause amnesia to the player - distorted music, politically uncorrectness, gross things and anything else that will test your patience and provoke your hate (lol, just kidding, but because of the dislikes, this has been appearently part of the trend, lol) - buggy characters, proudly spamming gameplay, flashing palettes, abudant graphic effects Someone would say this game can be enjoyed only with the use of drugs, but this game will SAVE you from the use of drugs, because its effects are worse than LSD (and I've honestly never tried it, while making this game in a totally sober state of mind). STREET WTFIGHTER! THE WORST WARRIOR! DOWNLOAD IT FROM : Well, I had fun making this, now time to share the whole fun and start working (you know, I'm supposed to have a job) WARNING: use of this game is discouraged to people suffering of epylepsis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hyper-criticism, pickiness, moralism and asthma.
  8. Drama Akuma

    Drama Akuma Extremely cheap revision of classic SF2 Akuma/Gouki: spawns projectiles in standard attacks, shungokusatsu and other strange moves as supers, regeneration as special/hyper move. Original stage "Falling Hell" re-issue with new soundtrack (put all stage files in "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD :
  9. Street WTFighter

    If any of you missed the previous releases, here is a list of more videos of each crazy char of this game:
  10. Street WTFighter

    Actually this is the first time I hear about that creator, but after taking a brief look on his page (google searched it), it seems we may have something in common.. but I've never tried his chars, so I can't tell how much we got in common as regards style. Also I made more original stuff than edit stuff, this is actually the first time I edit something, it all started with "Kung Fu Jerk" then I thought "Ok, let's make a full game of insane characters, lol"... and here it is. Just a brief pause from the original development, I had to try editing chars instead of making them by scratch as usual. Who knows, I wouldn't reject a collab, you know, collabs are part of the YTP movement too, and these joke characters can be somehow compared to YTP because of their weirdness. Of course I'm talking about full games, not single releases. KOF need to be parodized too, for example... but you know a joke is good when it doesn't last too long, and KOF has way too many chars, it's difficult to find new ways to make each single char funny and different without repeating the same things. Well, I wouldn't reject the idea of working on "King of Farters", just an idea, lol
  11. Street WTFighter

    Great news! Just noticed the game is a bit too hard, sometimes the CPU is too strong or other parts of the game just don't work as expected. So I've released the "NOOB PATCH" which currently does these things: - reduces number of projectiles - disables AI - give character control if hit while standing or crouching (that's right, the player can move even if he's been hit). To use the patch, extract all files in the root and overwrited previous files. GET THE PATCH AT:
  12. Face Bison

    Face Bison Another crazy joke edit of classic SF2 M.Bison/Vega (dictator), 12th edited char of the "Street WTFighter" MUGEN project. Feel the power of the LIKE! Bison becomes more social and he's ready to blast other characters with overpowered liking action, renewed set of standard attacks and obsessive super moves. The stage is included in the char (put the stage files into "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO DOWNLOAD:
  13. Maybe Sagat

    Maybe Sagat Overpowered, cheap and crazy edit/joke revision of classic Sagat, with new standard attacks and excessive supers/hypers, like the rest of the "Street WTFighter" roster. The stage "Dusk" is included in the file package (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  14. Pain Vega

    Pain Vega Nonsensical, overpowered and insane edit/joke version of Vega, the spanish yodel by Capcom classic Street Fighter 2. More 3 characters and the "Street WTFighter" project will be over. The original "The Pain Desk" stage is included (all files of the stage must be placed in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  15. Fart Balrog

    Fart Balrog Cheap, overpowered, fast and extremely un-educated edit/joke version of Balrog (classic SF2). The original "Graffiti Street" stage is included (all stage files must be in "stages" folder to work). DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  16. Family Guile

    Family Guile Another cheap/overpowered/crazy edit of classic SF2 Guile, 8th completed edit char/stage for the "Street WTFighter" MUGEN project. Now it's time to edit the Shadaloo squad Stage included in char's package (extract stage files into "stages" folder) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  17. Khali Dhalsim

    Khali Dhalsim Dhalsim discovers dark meditation and becomes evil, my 7th edit production for the "Street WTFighters" and a bit less crazy/joking than the rest of the roster, but still a bit op. The Khali Temple stage is included in the chars file (put them in "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  18. Coffee Blanka

    Coffee Blanka Overpowered, cheap, brutal, spammy and loaded with coffee joke/edit version of classic SF2 Blanka. The char comes with a stage (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  19. Drunk Zangief

    Drunk Zangief Zangief drank too many vodka shots, and forgets how to do throws. My fifth ultra-cheap/overpowered/spamming revision of classic SF2 Zangief. Stage included (put the stage files into "stages" folder to make them work properly) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  20. Period ChunLi

    Period ChunLi Brutally cheap remix of classic SF2 ChunLi, with gross / spamming / overpowered supermoves and normal moves as well. The character comes with the stage (put the stage files into the same "stages" folder of your mugen, to make it work properly) DEMO VIDEO DOWNLOAD:
  21. Loud Honda

    Loud Honda My brutally cheap version of the classic SF2 Honda: weird palettes, overpowered moves ... and really loud sounds! The character comes with the exclusive stage : Hasselhoff's Bathroom. Sexy! XD (stage files must be put into "stages" folder to work properly) DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  22. Spam Ryu

    Spam Ryu Another joke character made by me, edited version of a less known Ryu (one of the many). The char comes with a stage reflecting the char's attitude (also edited from another stage). Don't blame me for this, I was bored. DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD: CHECK MORE STUFF BY ME:
  23. Drastic Ken

    Drastic Ken Another brutally crazy joke/edit char made by me, using a classic SF2 Ken Masters as base/template. Surprisingly, this char is able to beat Spam Ryu even if he doesn't multiply himself. Fantastic! This character comes with a stage which is adapted to the char's attitude. DEMO VIDEO: DOWNLOAD:
  24. Kung Fu Jerk

    I've updated the char, now it's got some new stuff: - throwing pieces of wood with different moves (ssp, asp, kung fu knee) - flaming air strong kick - improved parry command (now you can just press "z" to parry) - improved dodge command (now you can just press "c" to dodge) - fixed some power stuff - fixed some values and animations Now it's really overpowered and ready to become a decent sub-boss for your crazy roster! :D DEMO VIDEO : DOWNLOAD:
  25. Kung Fu Jerk

    Kung Fu Jerk Kung Fu Man is back! He can use fire power, he makes crazy combos, he flies in guard state, he f@rts fire and he's also cheap AF. (This char has been done in some hours, it's a joke/edit character of the original KFM720) DOWNLOAD