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  1. Super Smash Bros. Mugen by K.Y-Shanxi

    Is 9000,1401/1402/1403/1404/1405 a custom SSB4 icon?
  2. MARVEL VS CAPCOM REMAKE NEW SP 2015 by Mazermaid

    Links for the Capcom character portraits?
  3. Darkstalkers / Vampire Series

    The MvC Demitri didn't effect characters that are compatible with his midnight bliss
  4. Yeah. your right but i need to edit this into clyde. But i need to voice clyde
  5. Hey there

    Hi. I'm Logan and i'm the creator of the chara char for mugen. And i make CPS2 musics using the sample CPS2 soundfont I have 1 goanimate video where the reason why Alvin Hung removed the non business theme is he needs money and then i got hacked by CollabSquad on youtube because of that. and he called me a GoFag but i made a new password and name so he won't hack it and collabsquad got hacked and arrested Anyways, thanks for reading