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  1. Hello There...

    Thanks you for welcoming me here dood!!! She is in the work in progress section. Custom Aska if you are interested. She is still VERY alpha IMO but the only way I know what to do is if I get feed back. Shine On!!
  2. Custom Aska

    After 10 years of playing mugen I have tried to see if I can contribute however small to the community that has brought me enjoyment in this past decade. I am currently using Ryon's character creation tutorial on youtube to create her so I have to thank him for inspiring me to at least give character creation a shot. This is Aska from TMNT tournament fighters on the SNES, however she plays a bit (or a lot) different. Currently she has no supers or combos since I haven't learned to code them properly. She does have two types of projectiles and a "Shoryuken" in this build. Her sounds are only there because I couldn't stand silence in my character and they might be changed later. QCF+p = fireball (depending on which strength you press she either uses her left, right hands for small fireballs, or both for a Large one.) QCB+p = twisters (Her weak and medium twisters are small and act as anti-airs, Her Strong twister is in front of her and covers the screen top to bottom.) D,F,D+p = "Shoryuken" (Her strong shoryu goes straight up and has a twister come up as if it's pushing her upward.) Some screens Keep in mind she is no where near as complete as I would like her to be. I only wanted to share what I have so far. Hopefully my next build will have at least better sounds And/or supers. I don't mind honest criticism since she is my first character and she is a WIP. Download her here!EElGXbyQ!PY12xkr5HB25VjkYkA_uh2Hhox-AD70MX52ot5V_z4Q I hope you enjoy and let me know if you encounter any bugs or issues so I can try to fix them to better her. Thanks in advance and Have a nice day. :)
  3. Hello There...

    Thank you all for welcoming me to the forum. I want to know if there is a place on the site where I can upload a WIP character? The one I have been working on is currently in the alpha stages, but I wanted to share anyways because I wanted some honest feedback.
  4. Hello There...

    This is the first time I post but I'm not new to the forum or Mugen for that matter. I'm currently working on my FIRST char following Ryon's youtube tutorial. I'm mostly trying to learn more as far as creating for the community since I have been into the game for about ten years now. Hope to see you guys around. I know I'll be here.