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I put this in the retro section because this game is a revivification(yes itsa a word i made up) of the gradius, twinbee, and salamander type series...'cept with anime girls riding newer versions of the old ships. its avalable for download or you can find the special edition on amazon which comes with extra like a special pillow case soundtrack amd artbook...if you prefer digital, its available on xbox arcade for 1600. If your a hardcore gradius fan dont let the girls or intro movie fool you. the dificulty stays true while customization and power ups mbring the game series to a new light. and theres up to three player multiplayer over live or two player play. I'd add pictures but my internet sucks here. give a look and see if you like it. (if i did this wrong gimme a break im never on here anymore.)

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If it's on 360 regardless, it belongs in Microsoft section.

Needs more info and probably a video?

Sin, I'm in Afghanistan. The internet here sucks so bad i cant even get youtube! et alone find or upload or heaven forbid watch a vid. When ui get back to the states maybe...

Aside from that i've listed all the major good points of the game without spoilers...what more do you want from me??

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