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[Arcade]Dark Edge

The Magic Toaster

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Dark Edge (ダークエッジ) is a 1993 video game arcade developed and published by Sega. It was one of Sega's earliest attempts at creating a competitive fighting game along with Holoseum after the success of Capcom's Street Fighter 2. Although the title screen reads "1992", the arcade game was first sold in 1993.


"In the 25th century, the human beings are allowed to live in the unified world controlled by the ultra large computer. Those tough people who got out of their control now seem to be battling for the sake of their ambitions and desires. Even that battling, however, is controlled and the super-fighter is destined to fall a victim to an assassin sent by the ultra-large computer."


There are 9 characters in total.

1.Thud (サッド) - Subtitled The Samurai. An American who has the Samurai spirit can use two swords skillfully. He believes in the spiritual power and controls the thunder.

2.Blood (ブラッド) - Subtitled The Bio-Monster. This monster man born as the result of genetic mutation has the weapons of elastic nails and sharp fins. He displays primitive instincts as a fighter as he discharges poisonous liquid.

3.Yeager (イェーガー) - Subtitled The Sonic Breaker. A former German fighter pilot who became a cyborg in order to be the super-fighter. His special ability is high speed flight.

4.Goliath (ゴライアス) - Subtitled With Powersuit. A laborer wearing the power suit converted from construction equipment. He moves slow, but he is extremely powerful.

5.Genie (ジーニィ) - Subtitled The Female Fighter. A female martial artist who wears the Gymnastic Battle Suit that enhances her agility. She attacks the enemy by taking advantage of an unguarded moment.

6.M.E.K. - Subtitled Mechanical Enforced Kommando. A European mercenary soldier wounded in the war underwent a cyborg operation and is determined to have revenge on the Boss who sent him to the battlefield.

7.RAM-X - The unplayable sub-boss of the game.

8.RULER - The final boss of the game. Like RAM-X, RULER is unplayable.

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