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[PSP] Corpse Party: Book of Shadows


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For those that love a good horror story, you might have tried Corpse Party: Blood Covered on the PSP.

As good as the game was, it's been a good while since another title was released inside the US.

Here's a video on Book of Shadows, it is to be released this winter.


Here's a blog from Playstation talking more about the game itself.


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Hmmm... So is this the US version or something? I played the game before(the JP version) and trust me, although it's quite different from Corpse Party Blood Covered, it's still good and creepy(Sachiko is still haunting). Oh btw, another Corpse Party was released this year which is Corpse Party Hysteric Birthday Party. If you guys can read Japanese I really recommend it. It's HILARIOUS!!!!! :=D:

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