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[GBA]TouhouMon Series

~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

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I Just Wanted to Bring this To Your Attention Well All The Major Touhou Fans out there Have you Guys Heard or ANY of you Heard About this Series. I Know Zun Is The Creator And All But The Person Who Made these is Aichiya Sanae

Gotta Say HES A AWSOME Person To Make Such Epic Games Dont you Agree?

Look Here Please to DL them http://animackid.wordpress.com/touhoumon/

I Actually Got A Bunch Here Let me Tell you What I got........

* ThouhouMon Emerald-This One Is Called Scarlet Emerald version Its Like Pokemon Emerlad But its A Hack

* ThouhouMon Blue- This One Im Doing Now on Youtube I LOVE IT Its Like A Hack Of Fire Red Pokemon

* Thouhou Moe Version- Its Pokemon BUT With Girls AND I MEAN ALL Girls

* Thouhou Puppetplay 1.8- You Can Link This With TouhouMon Another World To Battle Eachother[Need 2 GBA] Its Another Fire red Hack Of Pokemon

* ThouhouMon Another World v 1.51-You Can Link With With Puppetplay To Battle Eachother[Need 2 GBA] Also You Start Out As Having To Forget EVERYTHING And Reimu And Others Help you out Later Then this Remi Shows up and.......Yeah Im not gonna Spoil It for you Guys ok.

* ThouhouMon MMW V1.30- A.K.A Marisa Magic World This one Is Simple Battle Between Marisa,Sanae,And Reimu

They Have Diff Levels From Which You can Choose From I think you ALL KNOW by now.....

*Very Easy




*Very Hard


Heres Me Fighitng Marisa On Easy Mode

Heres me Fighting Sanae Easy Mode

Heres me Fighting Reimu Easy Mode

* ThouhouMon World Link V1.42- Another one Of them

* ThouhouMon PuppetPlay Insane Version- OMG The title of this says all If your Looking For One Heck of A Challenge DOWNLOAD THIS NOW Your Rival First Encounter .......... LV 25 YEAH IM NOT JOKING Hes that Tough.

* ThouhouMon Extra Version-This is Starts out On Yukrai Gap ummmm IDK Why But you Need To Find Your Way Around To Get out Its weird.......

* ThouhouMon Mary Version- This is Like Fire Red too A Hack of it

Well Guys Tell me What You Think Im Interested to hear What Your opinons Are And what your Thoughts Are too ok n.n

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Doing All Versions Of them And NOT cheating But I Love this Series ^^

Well I Always Had Glitches in Mine Where The CPU Did Constant 1 Hit Kills On My Party... Well The Funny Thing About The Game Was...

Posted Image

STenshi Lol

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OH MY GAWD That Tenshi o.o Wow Just.......wow I Cant Believe They Allow that in there Ah Who Cares Touhou is epic So Yeah ALSO Have you Seen A VIVIT XD


Yeah I Pretty Much Saw Em All XD... That Was Fun For A While.

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GASP D: NO Dont tell me You Quit Playing TouhouMon OMG Its Like EPIC AND I HATE IT Im trying to Catch Parsee BUT ITS LV 25 AND ITS EVOL IS LV30 Yamame Cave Yamame Is LV FRICKING 30 OMG Overpowered Much And this is in To Where you Fight Brock 1st Gym Leader o.o

Not Really Quit... More Like Just Sitting On My Desktop For Months -_-
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Huh Why Not DarkSpirit Is it Because you Don't like rom Games?

Like I Said Before The Stats on The NPC's Are Off, Thats Why I Cheated It, The One Thing I Hated Where The Zero Forms, Cheap As Hell Ever The Level 100's Could Not Beat Them.
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