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[Mega Drive]Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII

The Magic Toaster

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Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII is a bootleg fighting game created for the Mega Drive, presumably in the year 2000 by an unknown company. It features 8 characters from many different places and sources, including real-life personalities such as Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.


There are 8 characters in total.

1.Michael Jordan (misspelled Joden in game) [sprite taken from The King of Fighters '94]

2.Geese Howard (misspelled Gees in game) [sprite taken from Fatal Fury Special]

3.Ryu [sprite taken from from Street Fighter Alpha]

4.Goku [sprite taken from Dragon Ball Z]

5.Kyo [sprite taken from The King of Fighters '95]

6.Cyclops (named Cycl in game) [sprite taken from X-Men: Children of the Atom]

7.Muhammad Ali (named Ali in game) [sprite taken from The King of Fighters '94]

8.Ryo [sprite taken from Fatal Fury Special]

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