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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Lifebars by Kung Fu Man Converted to 1.0 by RippleRollerDa.

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nah lifebars regardless of what was done to them pretty much go in the add on's section

That's intersting. Cuz I almost released my Southtown lifebars by themselves. I converted and edited them. The hit counter sprites were original. Would it have been wrong to release them in the Release section?

That sounds like sacasim, but it's not... :truestory:

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nah Bro u can release them , in the release section because u created them yourself , i worded what i said wrong, what i ment to say was , Rip Could of put them here or under your Edits in the release Section because these were originally done by Kung Fu man, but he edited them to 1.0 status, so that would make it ok to go here or releases/your Edits . but since yours is original , u can put them in Releases because there not an Edit, or a found Lifebar release

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