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[Arcade]Arabian Magic

The Magic Toaster

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Arabian Magic (アラビアンマジック) is a horizontally-scrolling hack and slash arcade game, released by Taito in 1992.


The game is set in the mythical world of The Arabian Nights. Some time ago, the Evil One plagued the peaceful kingdom of Shahariyard. In order to save the King - who, by sorcery, had been transformed into a monkey - a group of heroes must find the Jewel of Seven Colors and release the evil hex.

However, formidable monsters are lurking along their path. Prince Lassid, Princess Lisa, Sinbad and Afshaal, each armed with their own special magic and powers, set out on the quest for the Jewel of Seven Colors. Suspenseful battle scenes, skillful sword fights and a "magic lamp," which fells all enemies in a single blow, await the players. Their adventure to restore peace to the kingdom now begins.


There 4 characters in total.

1.Prince Lassid - the sword wielding hero, is a well-rounded character who has excellent speed and fast attacks.

2.Princess Lisa - she has excellent reach with her magic-based attacks and also has a special spinning move, performed by tapping forward twice. She is a fast character but suffers defensively.

3.Sinbad - is a powerful character with a very useful flaming sword attack, done by holding the attack button and then releasing.

4.Afshael - much like Lisa, Afshael has excellent reach with his mace and also has a similar spinning attack done in the same manner. He has high defense but suffers in speed.

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