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[Arcade]Arabian Fight

The Magic Toaster

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Arabian Fight (アラビアンファイト) is a scrolling beat'em arcade game released by Sega in 1992.

Unlike many of Sega's arcade titles the game was never 'ported' to a home console, presumed reasons include size and the impressive sprite scaling and effects used in the gameplay and lack of popularity or notoriety in comparison to other titles. However, this game does seem to have been released in direct competition with Taito's Arabian-themed game, Arabian Magic, which was also released in 1992.


The corrupt Sheikh Sazabiss has abducted Princess Lurana, and he is utilizing every unscrupulous means of power he has at his disposal to achieve his ultimate ambition of conquering the world. The quartet of warriors; brave Sinbat (not a misspelling of "Sinbad"), courageous Ramaya, fearless Goldor and valiant Datta, now bravely come face-to-face with Sheikh Sazabiss.

As they battle to save Princess Lurana, the foursome encounter opponent after opponent. Freely using magic, their most prized possession, they journey to the infamous castle of Sazabiss to save Princess Lurana from the pirate ship and release planet Earth from the hands of Sheikh Sazabiss.


There a 4 characters in total.

1.Sinbat ~ Sinbat is the game's young, handsome hero and possibly a speed-type.

2.Ramaya ~ Ramaya is the game's young, attractive female and possibly a skill-type.

3.Goldor ~ Goldor is the game's muscle (power-type) character.

4.Datta ~ Datta is a spiritual-looking bald man and possibly well-rounded

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