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Blandia (ブランディア Burandia?) is a 1992 1-on-1 weapon based fighting game arcade developed and published by Allumer. It is the sequel to the 1986 arcade game, Gladiator. Along with Strata's Time Killers, Blandia is one of the earliest weapon-based fighting games modeled after its competitor Capcom's 1991 arcade hit Street Fighter 2.


The plot of Blandia takes place five years after Gladiator. In the Great Continent of Eurasia, after the great swordsman Gurianos downed the devilish warrior Gildus, peace returned to Eurasia and its people completely forgotten the darkness sealed by the evil spirit. Five years later, while living in the interior of Eurasia, Guarianos learns from a passing fencer that Gildus has been resurrected. Gurianos once again hits the road to the Golden Castle (黄金の城 "Ougon no Jō" (sometimes "Ougon no Shiro")) to find out the truth.


There are 10 characters in total, 4 are which are unplayable.

1.Gurianos (ガリアノス) - The protagonist of the game. He loves justice and is the man of righteousness. Designed for beginners, he is an average fighter with no weak points, and is armed with a Double-edged Sword and a shield. His sorcery is light-based. He was originally the player's character in Gladiator and his name back then was spelled Guaranos.

2.Diokles - A nihilistic fighter who is considered the rival of the main character Gurianos and as such they both share similar move sets (albeit using different names). Diokles has better agility and hitting power than Guarianos. His sorcery is fire-based.

3.Irriana - A temperamental female warrior who eats when she wishes, and fights only when she desires to. She is armed with a short sword, a round shield. While her sorcery is explosive-based, she mainly uses its related tricks. She is also relatively agile and has an intense jumping ability. Like Gurianos, Irriana is another character returning from Gladiator, and her name back then was spelled Irene.

4.McGill - A male warrior full of confidence. He cuts by power with a Longsowrd and uses large tricks with a

hig. His body stamina and power, compared to his longsword, are far superior. He has no sorcery.

5.Jurane - An elegant, but harsh female fighter. She has the longest reach, but the least power, due to her weapon of choice being a short lance. Her sorcery utilizes various powerful magic tricks.

6.Retsu.Zen - A man who is brave enough to take a defiant attitude toward his enemies and critical situations. He is the quickest fencer, has repetitively strong offense and is armed with two-swords. Lack of either speed or offense wouldn't be enough for him. His sorcery is referred to as "Zen Oriental Magic".





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