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[Arcade]Shogun Warriors/Fujiyama Buster

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Shogun Warriors, known in Japan as Fujiyama Buster (富士山バスター lit. "Mount Fuji Buster"), is a 1992 fighting arcade game developed by Atop and Kaneko and published in Japan by Sammy Corporation and published in North America and Europe by Kaneko. It was the first modern-fighting game based on ancient Japanese Mythology, and was created during the fighting game trend of the 1990s that began with Capcom's Street Fighter 2. Shogun Warriors was followed by a 1994 sequel titled Blood Warrior.


There are eight playable characters, and four bosses. Each with their own fighting style and special techniques based on the ones in Japanese culture.

1.Samurai (侍) - His appearance, quotes and actions are based on Toyama no Kin-san, but also has the Shimazu clan's "cross in circle" wind crest on his uniform. His Japanese voice samples were replaced with sound effects in the English versions.

2.Kappa (かっぱ) - He has the ability to extend his limbs for performing long-range basic moves, similar to Poseidon from Konami's Galactic Warriors. He is also the only non-human character in the game.

3.Sabu (さぶ) - Based on ancient Japanese firemen. His Japanese voice samples were later dubbed with completely different English words in the English versions. By the player's character, he is uniquely called not by an occupation but by the peculiar name.

4.Ninja (忍者) - Although he true face is revealed in his motif, he wears a mask when fighting.

5.Kabuki (歌舞伎) - While his look fully matches his occupation when fighting, his motif however shows that he has fangs like a demon.

6.Sumo (相撲) - His chonmage is untied and he wears an ornamental apron labeled as "gold" (金). He is much closer to Kintaro than a typical sumo wrestler.

7.Geisha (芸者) - The only female character in the game. One of her moves is a fast-paced, one-leg spinning move. In the Japanese version, she speaks a specific Japanese language called the Kyo Language (京言葉)

8.Shogun (将軍) - Although he has armor, and while his motif proves that he is actually a robot, he can still bleed when attacked by blades. His echoed voice is the same in all versions.

9.Oni (鬼 lit. "Demon") - The first boss in the game. He is a blue demon with 鉄球 attached to one of his legs. His quotes are in English in all versions.

10.Tengu (天狗 lit. "heavenly dogs") - The second boss in the game. Like Oni, Tengu's quotes are in English in all versions.

11.Benkei (弁慶) - The third boss in the game. He is a sohei who has Satio Musashibo Benkei as his motif.

12.Goemon (五右衛門) - The fourth and final boss in the game. His appearance, victory taunts and motif are based on Ishikawa Goemon. He often fights bare-handed.

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