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[Arcade]Chaos Code

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Chaos Code (カオスコード Kaosu Kōdo?) is a fighting game developed by F.K.Digital and published F.K Digital. The game was released for Sega's RingWide arcade system board on August 4, 2011. A port for the PlayStation 3 has been confirmed, but yet to have a specific release date.


The story is revolves around the discovery of an infinite source of energy called "Chaotics" that was used for many uses and advancements for mankind. But the person who discovered the Chaoctics disappears without an explaination and only leaves a mystery message: "Chaos Code". A foundation called the World Government Organization tries to prevent the news of the Chaos Code from breaking out but eventually the news gets leaked out. To counter the publicity, the WGO announced a reward of a vast amount of money for anyone who is capable of figuring out what the "Chaos Code" means.

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