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[Arcade]Schmeiser Robo

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Schmeiser Robo (シュマイザーロボ) is a 1993 fighting arcade game developed and published by HOT・B. It is HOT・B's only attempt in the fighting game genre after the success and craze of Capcom's Street Fighter 2, which inspired other companies to create their own inspiration as well. It is also one of HOT・B's few coin-op arcade games, and was one of the first giant mech-based fighting game in the modern fighting era, along with Banpresto's Mobile Suit Gundam.


There are 9 playable characters in total.

1.Schmeiser (シュマイザー)

Pilot: Hiro (ヒロ)

The protagonist of the game. He pilots a Walker that performs electrical punching moves.

2.Walkyrie (ワルキュリア)

Pilot: Lana (ラナ)

A teenage female pilot that regulates a Walker that can do rolling attacks and rapid punches.

3.Siemens (ジーメンス)

Pilot: Jay (ジェイ)

A military soldier.

4.Dali-Dali (ダリダリ)

Pilot: Dali-Dali (ダリダリ)

A pilot that controls a head-standing Walker.

5.Gaudy (ガウディ)

Pilot: Lu Wang (陸王(ル・ウォン))

A pilot from China.

6.Grimm (グリム)

Pilot: Virtual (ヴァーチャル)

A young girl who pilots a gorilla-like Walker.

7.Dotoh-Maru (怒涛丸)

Pilot: Doug (ダグ)

A ninjitsu-performing Walker piloted by a young boy.

8.CW-4 Axe

Pilot: Wyatt (ワイアット)

A pilot that controls an arachnid-based Walker.


Pilot: Z'Hell

The final boss and only unplayable character in Schmeiser Robo.

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