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Nezumi Land & Seal Palce


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I think you misspelled the title of the thread...

If you mean Palce, then it's not misspelled.

That's the actual name of it.

no, it actually IS misspell'd in-game. this is tha result of engrish in arcade games, especially games in tha late 80's, 90's, & a good half of tha 00's. not only was speech hack'd & slash'd, but even elements in tha games would sometimes be misspell'd, such as posters or signs on buildings. gotta luuuv that krazy engrish :=D:

ey, EX, figured i'd kut this for ya for tha Sea Palace joint: http://www.mediafire.com/?ib59yd399f8h5jt

good job on tha stage btw Posted Image

another ExShadow's stage into my roaster.

like i said, gotta luuuuuv that kraaaaazy engrish Posted Image
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