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Champions Shrine my edit.


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I think is good enoght to upload so here.
Then i thinked on this stage from Mortal Kombat but with those hard to beat Chars
made of Random Net sprites and other rezised at paint (the bad looking ones)
I post in this cool forum (I dont know why i didn´t from the start....I download so many chars here)
by sugestion from someone. Oh and sorry for the bad looking sprites.

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Hi Excahm, Welcome to the Forum, Thanks for the Share , im digging the stage .... just wanted to let u know We Do have a Posting Format, that u have to follow when u post releases / News ... i fixed your post for u so u can see how its done k

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Its the Necromancer Broly......He have medium attack, high defence, high speed and armor ro ignore hits

combined whit a freak continium atacks!!!

Really only paste on internet ¨The Necromancer Broly¨ and he will apear!!!

thank you ill go do that :)
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yeah Necromancers Broly is pretty Damn good.... So is Ryons & im not just saying that cause hes a friend, its actually better than more than a few Brolys out there

as soon as i posted it i found alot of diffrent brolys do we have all of them in the collection
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