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Mugen Free For All : Chaotic Century

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Re-posted by request


SP BASE MFFA V3 CREATED BY RYON - Updated by Zinesis

MFFA V3 LIFEBAR - Updated by Earthking

(The Fire and Ice lifebars goes nicely with this sp too)

Included here are :

2 mffa stage by Ryon and V-Nix

1 boss stage by SamSouji

and 1 character by P.O.T.S. (with a custom pal by Zinesis)

Btw sorry I couldn't reply you on youtube Laharl I'm still getting some errors when replying a post comment.

The preview vid is using the CVS MOD lifebar, I used that since this is my Capcom vs Snk compilation(I'm still choosing chars to replace the GG and the other chars which are not related to the theme). Anyways that lifebar is available here in the forum so just check the collections if you want that.

Enjoy your mugen gaming :)

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