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All Gundam The Battle Master Tracks ripped, converted, and looped by me


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Alright, so there are 4 rar files. Each rar file contains 5 tracks from the game.


RAR File 1-2 (Regular MS tracks)

RAR File 3 (BOSS MS tracks)

RAR File 4 (Misc)

Download Links:









Please credit if used, don't steal. Next Track release will be from Street Fighter The Movie: The Game.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, feel free to PM me.

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Yoooooo!!! I am DEFINENITLY getting these! Is there ANYTHING Gundam related you can't get your hands on!?! :=D:

Nope, I got all of the Gundam games ever created, some of them are pirated though. :troll:

I noticed the tracks skipped from track 13 to track 15. Did you accidently skip that number or did you forget to add track 14?

That track was the music for the Intro Video, which was unimportant.

think it'd be possible to get the player select theme in there?

I have great use for the soundtracks :3

Yes, but it'll take a day. I'm pretty busy this week.

Would you like anything else?

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