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OMK Eva Beatrice 95%


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Whats done so far:


Special normals

F,b <- stand

F,c <- stand

D,c <- air


->, b+c

<-, b+c

Ports 9000 are not done yet, since its prealpha but I'll do them in the alpha/beta releases and so on.


Suggestions and Feedback are welcomed.

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Its for testing, you don't have to try it, and trust me right now its only her supers and specials that needs to be done. The others are rather just game mechanics. The percentage thing, you don't have to take it seriously lol.

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Thanks, I need feedback to fix bugs. Thanks for the bug report. And wtf... why the var reset so early? o-o", I forgot limitations, shitt. FINALLY FIXED, no more stupid infinites -_-" Fix uploaded, please redownload ty.

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I'll need to do further testing to get back to you with a proper answer on that. it happens rarely (not to mention in the heat of battle), so I let it slide/forget about it, but a couple of days ago it happened. The up side is that most of the time it does damage, but the down side is that it's rare so I'm not sure of the conditions for it actually happen. I have a video of it happening against Mewtwo (which I'll need to upload), but then when I do the super again after, it does damage!

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Here is a video of it in action:

As you can see when I did it again afterwards, damage was inflicted. The good(?) thing is that it's pretty rare to occur, but unfortunately I have no idea how to execute this bug(?). Despite this though, I think your character is tops regardless!
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I've had it happen on other characters a while back, but yeah as stated before, it's been pretty rare. Come to think of it but, considering it IS rare, you're most likely right in that it's the enemy/Mewtwo's states. Suppose it's a good thing that I've consistently pulled off the Metaworld super normally, rarely having issues :P

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