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[SATURN] Street Fighter Alpha 3


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ey, it's Upper, so that works for me. just finish'd unlockin' e'rythin' yesterday, there's a little less work to do in tha US version. tha gem of it is tha last game that i unlock'd, Hyper Street Fighter Alpha, done in tha same manner as Hyper SF II, which has all tha Alphas, & any of their alt versions up to Upper, wrap'd into 1 game. also, with unlockin' it, you also unlock secret ISMs, only accessible on Hyper SFA & Upper, which makes things interestin'. abilities of tha unlock'd ISMs range from havin' Bison/Vega's Z-ISM rules, VS series added/enhanced-type moves, TRUE SF II Championship Edition properties [different than regular "Classic" mode, which only does this somewhat], Darkstalkers' combo rules & guard push, & SF III's ability to parry & super-cancel. it's pretty neat really. Hyper SFA only has versus & training modes on it, but even if you're playin' by self, you can alwayz change tha opponent to "CPU" in tha options menu & play around a bit with it....at least that's what i'll be doin' 'til my boyz swing thru this weekend anywayz xD

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