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[WiiWare] Retro City Rampage


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There arent enough words to describe this game. It is a new game coming out that has the retro 8 bit look and feel, while adding features you'd see in gaming today. some parts feel like Driver from GBC, then Grand Theft Auto from the GBC, then other strange things. watch the trailer!
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Like Retro Game Challenge It was awesome, those 8-bit games going from Space Invaders, Ninja Gaiden and Dragon Quest-clones with some fictional background on the company and series and you could get magazines to read the cheat codes, just like back in the day. The villain captured you (the player) and sent you to the past to play old-school games and complete four challenges for each game he used to play as a kid. I really hope it's something like this, I had great fun with RGC.

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