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Grossfukka Axel by MugenMage

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My second character topic that I have posted. It's about an old and obscure digitized character that was made in 2001-02. This is Grossfukka Axel, made by MugenMage. Haven't seen someone hosting this guy anywhere on this site yet.








Nothing much is known about this character, except that it was made by the same person who also made Wan-Fu from Samurai Shodown 2 and Haggar from Saturday Night Slam Masters. Never heard of it, until that I found it in an old MUGEN compilation that's been sitting aroung in my PC for quite a while, as well as PZT's "The Unleaded Archives" character pack. Judging by the name, I can't tell if this was made for intentional purposes or not. I know it's one of the first digitized characters to be made for the game engine though.

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