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4Kids voice patch for Meta Knight

Sergio P

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I'm back yet again just to release a thingy I made back in december



for the following character:

Meta Knight by OHMSBY


Imagine If Eric Stuart (English voice actor of Meta Knight for Kirby Right Back at Ya) voiced Meta Knight in the Smash Bros games, how would it feel like? Like this, close enough I guess.


You saw the title of this thread and you're probably noticed immediately, it's Meta Knight with his 4Kids voice.


Although some people hate 4Kids because of their idiotic censorships, dubbed animes (One Piece for example), and some other things like 4Kids going bankrupt and had to change their names...


...but who the hell hates the dubbed version of Hoshi no Kirby? I mean, Dedede & Escargoon, and Meta Knight are the only ones that carried the entire show but I'd say it's really fun to watch it even in 2023.


Now, why did I made family friendly Meta Knight into reality in MUGEN?

Isn't it obvious? Nobody made this so I had to step in, and also because I love his spanish accent voice.


You may notice something in the above screenshot? Is it that green looking janky Meta Knight? Wrong!

I made a alternative palette that references his appearence from the anime, although sadly it's unfinished because his entire sprite had tons of pixels around him and I was too lazy to do something about it so this is the best I could do. I may update this when the palette is actually finished soooooooooooo


Download him:



I really hope you enjoy it! 



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Recently updated the voice patch and sadly it's not about his pal, but a few changes I had in mind 


- Meta Knight's Spanish Guitar Riff no longer plays on his Exceed Accel and Astral Finish

- Meta Knight's Spanish Guitar Riff is no longer mixed with his 2 sound effects for his regular intro and is now a single sound (This means I had to code a extra snd value so that's why there's a cns file included now)

- Gave his Time Out animation a voice clip (again, I had to code a extra snd value for this sooooooo)

- Added new win quotes


Link has been updated also so you know where to get it

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The voice patch has been updated once again!!!


- Gave his Dodges, Burst & Ultra Burst & Ultra Guard Cancel, Dead Angle Attack, Crescent Slash, and Guarding sounds

- Added new sounds for his special intros against Theif Arthur and Carmine

- Anime palette has been updated/upgraded (about time) 




Thanks to OHMSBY himself for helping me out for his pal


Link has been updated too so you know what to do

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