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Classic VS (Ikemen Go version)


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Here is the Ikemen Go version of my game Classic VS. I'm using the Orochi Kyo tag system, but with some slight changes. The biggest change is that you can also call your team members buy pushing the same punch and kick buttons together instead of using the tag buttons. Example below :


Tag button 1 = Light Punch + Light Kick


Tag button 2 = Medium Punch + Medium Kick


Knock out = Strong Punch + Strong Kick


Note = You can still use the tag buttons if you want to. I just wanted to provide another option to call team members.


I removed some modes in the game because I have not made lifebars for those yet. Those modes will come in a later update. Ikemen features a command list, but I have not taken advantage of this feature yet and am still using my old method of hitting the Start Button to bring up a move list. The game runs at 1280,720 and I'm pretty sure this can not be changed without messing up the game. Also attempting to add characters to this game is a bad idea because they will probably not be compatible. Likewise taking characters out of this game and trying to place them anywhere else will also not work. Enjoy!!


Link https://electroslair.blogspot.com/




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