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Mugen 1.1 5000 slots or more



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Oh, do you really have such a gigantic amount of characters? :omg______by_ewemad420-da9cq6a:

I just have found in MUGEN Database the BrokenMUGEN screenpack wich features 4 motifs: 48 slots, 120 slots, 312 slots and finally 882 slots. However an editor known as Juaniquillo expanded the number of slots to 9080 slots! So I just decided give it a try but the Juaniquillo's edit breaks the other 4 original motifs select screens. So, I just made an arragment of files in order to be able to use all the motifs and merged the files with MUGEN 1.1 Here are some snapshots:


48 slots



120 slots



312 slots



882 slots



Juaniquillo's edit 9080 slots. Note that the select screen looks different of the previous motifs. The reason is that Juaniquillo took as a basis the UM2C select screen (Ultimate MotherFucker MUGEN Compilation, screenpack by HLoader by the way) and insert it to BrokenMUGEN.



To open the motifs you must double click on the .bat files included:

bm1.1 - 48 Slots

bm1.1 - 120 Slots

bm1.1 - 312 Slots

bm1.1 - 882 Slots

bm1.1 - 9080 Slots


And last but not least how to install characters:

For the original motifs edit the file: data/bM1point0/48-120-312-882SlotsBrokenSELECT.def

And finally the Juaniquillo edit edit the file: data/bM1point0/9080SlotsBrokenSELECT.def


Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHiF7hupUD2BflmzdnSPgyaBmlfkMqI9/view?usp=sharing :goodmood:





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