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The Hardest Boss that YOU have ever faced.


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Ok, now I'll give you my special list. Action/slashers: 1) Hiruko - the last boss of Shinobi (PS2). The hardest action game boss you ever seen. I spent about 7 hours to beat him. To beat this asshole you will need not only the neat skill, but also some damn amount of luck. If you like 3d actions/slashers (3rd person view) - give this a try. It will be your ultimate challenge. Also, to me and my memories, it's the most epic final battle in action games. And music from it still carved in my memory. 2) Final boss of Contra: Shattered soldier. 3) 3 Final bosses of Ninja Gaiden 1(NES). If you lose here, you will have to go to the very beginning of the level (from 6-4 to 6-1), Now that's cool. Fighting games: 1)Almost all SNK bosses, but especially Magaki (KOF XI), Igniz (KOF 2001), Original Zero (KOF 2001) Well, I guess that's all. But I named the hardest. There are lots of challenging bosses everywhere, but they are still easy, compared to those I named.

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Contra 4 last boss, Wu-tang Mong Zhu. KH Sephiroth and Vanitas Remnant. Lu Bu Chaos Mode, he wont flinch when i attack. And final boss of Contra Hard Corps

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Sephiroth from KH1 Raven from MGS1 on Extreme with no radar was a straight bitch to beat Motaro/Shao Kahn from MK3 Akuma from SSF2T was nearly impossible with his teleports and completely retarded A.I. he's even harder than some SNK bosses.

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RPGs: (Fighting Heroes are ALWAYS HARD)

1.Mithos the "Hero" child form (TOS)

he was sooooo awesome 2 fight but a real bitch too lol (dat holy lance and judgement)

2.Super "Hero" Aurum (Disgaea 3)

seemed to have "Power up" i bit since your last encounter...and his moves, all are OP. i literally had ONE char left wen i finally won which was the Fake Hero lol

3. Myria (Breath of Fire 3)

was suppose 2 be the "God" of the world turned out 2 be the reason for the Brood War...she was a force 2 be reckoned with (dat "Vemon" spell is OP and creepy-looking) btw NOTHING abt her shows she some god lol especially not her final form

4. Rockagong (TOGf)

is LOLZ (there was a time where he shallowed you and hes belly was a dungeon to beat...remember that)

Action/Adventure: the craziest fights youve seen

5. Gideon (Scott Pilgrm vs the World)

is a douche-bag 2 put lightly but his stupid 2nd form, on hardest difficult, is sooooooooo OP its cute

6. Beowolf (DMC3)

...as mentioned be4 was a "tough bastard" which is annoying AF to fight being hes Hulk-Smashig EVERYTHING IN (and outta) SIGHT (when u slash his eye)

7. Mecha Sonic (Sonic & Knuckles)

was......HEY!!!...... a "tough bastard" at the age of 7. dnt JUDGE ME lol

8. Dark Riku ~3rd fight~ (KH:COM GBA)

was a fun fight------untill my 57th time tryin 2 win....then i almost threw my GBA SP out the car window (Dark Auras....all day *shades*)

Fighting Games: wait......Magaki was hard????? nawwwww

9. Old School Geese (KOF: NEOWIRE Arcade)

was a MUCH harder boss to me then Magaki was...those invisible projectile were annoying tho

10. Alisa Bosconovitch (T6 Scenario Campaign)

on hard difficultly wud freeze freeze freeze freeze......

11. Mutaro/Shao Kahn (MK: Trilogy)

...as mentioned b4 are JUS OP AF!!!! u can hardly touch be4 getting the Hammer wombo combo and Mutaro.................dnt get me started.....smh

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KH: Sephiroth KH BBS: Vanitas Remnant was actually a pushover compared to his first form...BUT FUCKING ANSEM THE WISE NIGGA TURNS BACK TIME Motaro from Shaolin Monks Onslaught from MvC (I beat Cyber Akuma in 5 tries, I just beat onslaught last year) Gate from MMX6 Awakened Zero from MMX5

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Reggie is going to hate me, but I rapped Super Hero Aurum in both forms. Maybe it was because I used the "lame tactic" to defeat him.

LOL nawwwww im not at all wat youd called an "Expert LvLer" so im always raped on the Final Boss a few tries. he left me with 1 char which was Almaz...and i tried not getting hit with alittle HP left.........running around the arena (for like 27 turns w/o attacking be4 i pwnt him

and Wat are "lame tactic"

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I found out in one turn he only takes physical damage and the other only magical. So I took the magical turn to buff and every end of my turn I had a sacrificial lamb to come out and LIFT the boss. End turn. He couldn't attack, my character died and everyone was all ready to butt rape him

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