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Cookie Monster warrior

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I would like to make a Cookie Monster warrior character. 

MVC2 styled. 

He would use balls and chains as weapons. 

I would Like four, or five hyper moves. 

Regen ability after eating cookies. 

Another ability that gives invincibility while glowing after eating another cookie. 

A bounce around the screen while doing damage ability. 

An ability where he rolls a giant cookie at someone. 

A ground smash that does damage and shakes the screen. 

I am willing to pay 1000 US dollars when completed. 

We Can talk partial payment beforehand. 

My email is [email protected]

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Word of advice 


When it comes to matters involving money, trust noone.


What I'm saying is that you're going to have to pay first if you're serious. Nobody is willing to do the work and risk you taking it and leaving without paying.

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I get that 100 percent. Is a risk on both ends. I would never ask someone to do something and not pay them. 

I love Mugen and really want the character. If it goes well. I would like to make a bunch. 

If someone is willing to do the work. I could always pay in installments as the work progresses as well. 

Unfortunately someone could rip me off. Is a risk I am willing to take I suppose. I appreciate the words of wisdom. Thank you very much. 

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