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Cookie Monster warrior


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I would like to make a Cookie Monster warrior character. 

MVC2 styled. 

He would use balls and chains as weapons. 

I would Like four, or five hyper moves. 

Regen ability after eating cookies. 

Another ability that gives invincibility while glowing after eating another cookie. 

A bounce around the screen while doing damage ability. 

An ability where he rolls a giant cookie at someone. 

A ground smash that does damage and shakes the screen. 

I am willing to pay 1000 US dollars when completed. 

We Can talk partial payment beforehand. 

My email is [email protected]

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I get that 100 percent. Is a risk on both ends. I would never ask someone to do something and not pay them. 

I love Mugen and really want the character. If it goes well. I would like to make a bunch. 

If someone is willing to do the work. I could always pay in installments as the work progresses as well. 

Unfortunately someone could rip me off. Is a risk I am willing to take I suppose. I appreciate the words of wisdom. Thank you very much. 

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