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Dark Spawn Sonic - Final, by DarkLordXelrick


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This is the unedited, final release of Dark Spawn Sonic, from DarkLordXelrick.


From his readme file.



P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊ o̗͛͆r̩͚͎͙͟ di͕͈͋̈͘e͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ.


-Story time-
1999 Halloween "Sonic in Hell" (Prequel to Sonic.exe?)

Do you know about the game Sonic in Hell? It a fan game made back for 1999 Halloween. Just image Sonic.exe without red eyes just black eyes, more bloody characters, and Super Sonic music from Sonic 2 played backward.  The creator of that game called the evil Sonic, Darkspawn Sonic.

You actually played as Sonic and it starts with him laying down and sleeping and Darkspawn Sonic comes out of Sonic and walks off screen. Sonic wakes up and you begin walking and finds a blood splat on the ground. Darkspawn Sonic walks in and tells Sonic he finished what he started. Which Sonic finds that all of his friends were killed and at the end of the stage Sonic dies passing a signpost that denotes Only Death awaits. You then enter Hell and DarkSpawn Sonic killing Amy then disappear. As Sonic head down the stage Sonic got surrounded by souls of his friends and found Amy's body. Darkspawn Sonic begin to collect Souls of Hell which turn into red rings and he transformed into a Super form (still normal color) and Super Sonic music from Sonic 2 played backward. Then you had to kill him. If you lost the screen filled up with blood and Game Over music played but also was slowing down to a low tone note. If you won though Sonic would wake up like it was a dream.


Current Features:
Normal mode moves:

Ring Gather: (Hold A or B) Once you are out of Super mode you can't jump, you must regain quickly Super form. The Red Rings can slightly damage opponents.

Super mode moves:

"Red Rings" (X button) They are a deadly force the mess with.  They will randomly do an attack so there is no real control on what it will do. (Fact: In Sonic in Hell touching even one would kill you instantly, these were weaken so it alittle more fun to play as him) You have total of 4 that will begin to disappear over time till you have no more. This refreshs every transformation.


"Red Doom Scythe" (Press x+y) 1 powerbar. This move is base on one of his moves, but I couldn't get the Rings to move right so I use a move that was similar.

" " x+z WIP

" " y+z WIP

A Simple Kick: (Y button) Sometimes you just need to kick things

"Summon Spikes" (Z button) 6 spikes will pop out of the ground and knockback your opponent.

Homing Attack: (Press B after jumping) This cost some power to use.

Sweet Dreams Fatal: This as a Fatality type move use near end of a round. I'll keep this a secret until you "Can't Run" no more. Only usable when in enemy is on the ground.

Teleport: (Press C) A teleport on other side of the opponent to gets close. Moving forward while pressing C will trigger a light speed dash. This will trigger on it's own when it feel it neccessory.

Other move:

Lava Flow: Once Health hits a curtain point Lava will raise below. However it is unpredictable and can hurt you as well.


God modes
You can't beat me Palette 11: Can not be killed by normal characters. (Creepy Warning)

Ultimate Death Palette 12: "You shouldn't have come here."P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊P̣͇̽̓ͮr͎̞̗̫͚̠ͤ̀ͨ͑̃̅̾ͅa̢̤̤͔̞̠̒ͬ̍̃̌ͫ̇i͕͈͋̈͘s̟͎̘̗̙̻͆ͅe͕̭̫̦̖͆͌̓ͪͨ ̛̭̮̩̾ͧ̋̓͑̐̚H̉҉̥̣͙ȉ͕ͧͩ̈́ͯ̿̌m̭̻͚̟͉̹̊
(Creepy Warning)





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