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BLUE or RED? You Choose  

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Hi everyone, 😄
Does you guy remember MUGEN GO ARENA?
 well, if you don't remember the screen pack its located here
and you want to learn about the background history is located here

Now Blue and Red is coming soon 
this is the 480p version and the HD version be coming soon along with MUGEN GO ARENA 
MUGEN GO ARENA going have new change and we going to name it as MUGEN PURP ARENA. 

Because the Mugen GO version. we going to have new look and everything.

what are these screen pack will include?
1. Intros
2. Game Over
3. Credit ending 
4. Original Life bars
5. Each Original Stages code by OldGamer
6. Original Announcer voiced by My good friend Michael Felstein 
7. Many Add-ons Select Roster Slots to choose from


Blue Version




Red Version



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