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Discogirl, Revamped Lion and Angry Inner released + 5 Updated characters + New Stage: Edtropolis


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Hello Mugen Folks and all. What a year to start with this. 
First I got COVID and some my related got it and now it's gone. 
In the meantime, I've worked on these chars, but due the time consuming, I can only work on a char one at a time. 
Editing three characters is too much. This char wasn't suppose to be like this. 
I originally worked on Hikaru (The girl with the headphone) last year.




But it turns out that her CNS was confusing and it had less buttons of her attack. 
So I scrapped her for a quite a while and this character was a better choice.

This is the latest new character, this is....







Based on Annie from ROTD and Tsugumi from Neo World Ends With You. 
She has a follower: Mr. Mew. This is second character to be named after Discoman. 
She has her own stage with a giant Mr. Mew in the background.

The second and third, the one who believes in god and the other one is possessed. 
These are...


Lion 'Jesus Christ' Kennedy and Angry Inner!







They were already out, but outdated like old bread with no features. 
So, instead of Dino and Jessie (Still working on them), I'll revamped and updating these characters then. 

Lion 'Jesus Christ' Kennedy is based on Kyo and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil. 
The previous version had alot of cursing words in it, now I've removed the very bad ones. 
Only featuring like 'damn' and 'shit'. 

Angry Inner is based on Lynn from ROTD and Harono Sakura's thought from Naruto. 
Her inner spirit thought will come out in intro, winning, taunt and one of her supers.

Along these characters, also includes a new stage:




All my characters have been updated with a win fonts from Jojo and some of them have their own.

The following characters with winning logos inorder of my releases.

- Funny Echizen
- Bimmy Lee Wesker
- James Rocket
- Discoman
- Gingerbreadman
- Picocchio
- Tae Kwon Ninja
- Discogirl
- Lion 'Jesus Christ' Kennedy
- Angry Inner

All clear and done. Stay tuned for more Mugen stuff, the upcoming Jesse and Dino and so on.
Have a nice day and Spring Time.


Download Links:
Discogirl: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l2ku71wb66h8nws/Discogirl.rar/file
Lion: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cru40gz4hw26019/Lion.rar/file
Angry Inner: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hrm5pp9f3nfpf14/Angry_Inner.rar/file
Stage - Edtropolis: https://www.mediafire.com/file/izxqcd1daf14jpy/Edtropolis.rar/file
Stage - Rooftop Showdown: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xv1qfx67pyzd8jb/Rooftop_Showdown.rar/file
The updated characters in here:

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