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IKEMEN Plus Ultra


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This is a custom version of the original Ikemen Plus 0.3 engine, that contains new features and improvements.



Changelog and New Features:


Main menu and Engine reworked:

Sprites directories generated for character select and continue screen regroup

Winmugen Lifebars Added

Start button as Enter key added

Pause button as Backspace key added

Fades added to every game modes and screens

Simul and Turns empty icons added

Restart game mode cursor in character select added

Wins and Match counter added to every versus mode

Win Quotes added when you lose or win in versus mode

Stages preview added

Team Mode select added to Bonus Games


New Game Modes Added:
- Training Multiplayer [1P vs 2P]
- Boss Rush Co-op
- Single Boss Fight
- Bonus Rush [Includes Co-op]
- Vs 100 Kumite Co-op
- Sudden Death [Includes Co-op]
- Time Attack [Includes Co-op]

Options menu reworked:

Max Draw Games added

Versus win counter added

All 4:3 resolutions added

Screen change between window or fullscreen added

Master, SFX and BGM control volume added

Control mapping reworked (Gamepads support disabled temporally)


Online menu reworked:

Host and Join Menus added

Online settings added in order to avoid desync


New Online Game Modes added:
- Training
- VS 100 Kumite Co-op
- Boss Rush Co-op
- Bonus Rush Co-op
- Sudden Death Co-op
- Time attack Co-op

Online replays menu reworked and better replay save system


Extras Menu reworked (New features added):
- Storyboards
- Sound Test
- Play credits

4GB Patch Available


Lastest Releases: https://github.com/CableDorado2/Ikemen-Plus-Ultra





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