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Andre Mendanha

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I'm working in a new char based in Castlevania.

this character is the vampire Laura from Castlevania - Lords of Shadow.

In this video below you can see how is going my building.




This is a version of Laura for mugen. For all the people who are fans of Castlevania and like games.

I ask everyone to appreciate arts, games and design that to do one donation.

The donation will encourage me to continue creating new arts, projects and characters. I appreciate your help!🙏


 🤑 Do the donation and gain "LAURA BERNHARD" of gift.🎁



Enjoy watching!


 🤑 Donate any amount and encourage me to continue creating! You can request any character and I will love to create it to you.💝


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Yes! I would appreciate it🤩

I'm fixing some bugs of duplicates and Blast Rays that is very repetitive.

I'm also working in AI levels associated with color palettes.

Laura's character is very heavy🗃️. The file is already reaching 201Mb.


When it's all ready, I'll love that it to add in castlevania collection.💖

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