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Persona 4 Arena / Arena Ultimax

Solid Snivy

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This is a remake of Kagazami's collection. I'll be editing the topic to make sure they're up to date since some things are offline now.

Click on the author names to download.



Red: Offline

Yellow: Unfinished


Credit goes to Circuitous for character portraits.





Yu Narukami: Magatsu Izanagi: [1.1] - KBossSlayer's conversion Websta [Custom] / OHMSBY [BBCTAG] : Original + Shadow Yu -Ichida's edit || Yosuke Hanamura: Son of Aura:  Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion || Chie Satonaka: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion Humi / Ichida [BBCTAG]


Yukiko Amagi: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion - Panda1's edit [Shadow Yukiko]: Original Link Mirror Link / OHMSBY [BBCTAG] || Kanji Tatsumi: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - UGA5678's conversion / Ichida [BBCTAG]


Teddie:  Son of Aura [1.1]: Arena - Ultimax - UGA5678's conversion || Rise Kujikawa: Son of Aura: Original  [1.1] - Kater15's conversion || Naoto Shirogane: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - UGA5678's conversion / Kal [MVC] / Ichida [BBCTAG]




 Tohru AdachiKouya / OHMSBY [BBCTAG] : Original -Ichida's edit Son of Aura || Marie: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion - Panda1's edit [Shadow Marie] || Labrys: SxVector || Shadow Labrys: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion Aki [Custom] || Sho Minazuki: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion || Margaret: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion





Mitsuru Kirijo: Son of Aura: 1.1 - 1.0 / OHMSBY [BBCTAG] || Akihiko Sanada: SxVector || Ken Amada & Koromaru: Son of Aura: Original [1.1]  JFino's conversion || Elizabeth: Son Of Aura [1.1] / Regulus (Cheap) || Junpei Iori: Son of Aura: 1.1 1.0 || Aigis: Son of Aura: Original [1.1] - Kater15's conversion || Yukari Takeba: Son of Aura: 1.1 - 1.0





ShizuruKouya || Zombie Kanji: Dr. Kelexo || Sakamotosan: Kouya: Original Link - Mirror Link|| Blissful Adachi: Ichida



School Gate by Zinesis  || Shadow World by ExShadow || Outdoor TV by SxVector [1.1] / Excahm's edit || Yasogami Tower by Platamon



Persona 4 Arena Screenpack by SxVector [1.1/1280x720]

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Screenpack by SxVector [1.1/1280x720]

Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by SxVector [1.1/1280x720]

Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by DartzPie [1.0/1280x720]

Persona 4 Arena Lifebars by DartzPie [1.1/1280x720]

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Lifebars by DartzPie [1.1/1280x720]

English voice patch for Kouya's Tohru Adachi

Various Japanese voice patches for OHMSBY's characters

Persona 4 Arena voice patches for Ichida's Kanji and Naoto

Japanese voice patch for Ichida's Kanji

Holn's AI patches for Kouya's Tohru Adachi, Shizuru & Sakamotosan

AI patch for Son of Aura's Characters

AI patch for Panda1's Shadow Marie

Vocalnoid's Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Palettes

Paulo S's Character Palettes



Persona 4 Arena Sprite Rips by Circuitous

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Sprite Rips by Snake 



Megami Tensei Franchise Collection 

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