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Sailor Moon by Poshpsylocke Remastered 2022

Vulcan Fury MUGEN

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This is an update on Poshpsylocke's Sailor Moon remastered by me & Starmie. Starmie worked on this remaster last year, but never finished it. He passed it onto me when he retired from MUGEN.


Remasters & Fixes:

- Fixed the weird hitboxes.

- Fixed some animations.

- Fixed minor error of some standing moves that change into air state.

- Fixed Hop Backwards moving forward error.

- Fixed infinite stun attacks (Let me know if you find any more of them.)

- Added new sound for Spiral Heart Attack Hyper.

- Balanced all attacks to not gain a lot of power.

- Balanced some attacks damage.

- Corrected spark offset for many attacks.

- Updated AI


Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KganxF8-AuZYB1jujVtvE12LNDE5mUud?usp=sharing


I plan to remaster the other characters after this.


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