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Granblue Fantasy

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Remake of Ryoucchi's collection, along with any characters that may have been missed.

Apologies if the appearance of this collection looks inconsistent as I have no real access to Ryoucchi's original template for this.


Will we ever get more Granblue characters in MUGEN that are based off Versus and/or aren’t stupidly overpowered? …probably not but I really hope that changes at some point


Red: Offline





Characters by yugusic: Djeeta / Eahta (Octo) Uzuki Shimamura OIRA (Vyrn?) || Charlotta Fenia: cwn





Characters by STGAvatar Core (Belial) / Beelzebub / Nehan / Lucilius / Soriz / Corwell || Grimnir: Xxi&さいき || Colossus Magna (ColoMag-Chan): Gondwana || Grand Order (Zooey)T.K foreground (SFF Download) || Albert: zanga (pass: mugen)



The Grandcypher by Ryoucchi || Granblue Fantasy Versus Stages by Kamui_Kanjai || Grimnir Stage by Magic Soul: v1.0 - v1.1



Patches for Belial, Beelzebuub & Lucilius by STG

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28 minutes ago, Laharl said:

nice job going to replace the old one thank you!

No prob! I also noticed that the link to the Grandcypher stage was down, so I went ahead and reuploaded it so that won't cause any inconveniences.

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In addition to recreating the collection, I also added in the following characters:

  • Nehan by STG
  • Grand Order / Zooey by T.K Foreground
  • Arthur by Zanga

Links to Djeeta, Oira, Grimnir and Colossus Magna have also been updated, as well as Kamui Kanjal's Granblue Versus stages.

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