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M.U.G.E.N type-Ɍ Mix


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Hello, this is a small project that I did as a hobby for the holidays, so I leave you a link with the first version of my mugen build called type-R Mix,



because the screenpack that I took from the template is called MUGEN Mix created by MJoVaN [credits in the compressed file], combined with the Uno Tag Team program patch type!

Yes, the characters found in this version are patched with said program, so it can be played MvC style, but unlike other characters that have the R patch by default, I removed the UNO Mode, to make the fights balanced of strength and energy.


In addition, the arcade mode is configured with the characters, from the weakest AI to the strongest AI, 16 fighters divided into 8 stages. And the last characters, seriously it will take you time to defeat them, unless that is not a problem for you.


Absolutely all the characters have a gameplay seen or similar to MvC, and those that will be added will have it too!

I am not a programmer, rather I am a creator of sprites more than anything, but I recognize the hard work that the users in the community did, and I just wanted to share my mugen project that I have been working on these months, ALL THE CHARACTERS, SCENARIOS OR MUSIC BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE AUTHORS! ALL THE MATERIAL THAT I USE AND THAT IS NOT OF MY AUTHORSHIP, IS MORE THAN ANYTHING, FOR PRACTICAL PURPOSES.

I hope you like my little "full game", if you can call it that, so see you until then, have a nice day!

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