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Marvel Comics new Collection


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Hobgoblin (Shining)


special thanks to DARKTALBAIN, SusanMugen, Acey, Somm, Bigpimp

-   improved bigpimp version and mixed with previous version
-   added poison gas and poison pumpkins
-   fixed DemonGoblin mode (enter few seconds)
-   added 2 different cns file versions: hobgoblin2.cns(with zoom hyper and intro) and hobgoblin2 no zoom.cns
   change with the same cmd file
-   added 2 different cmd file versions: hobgoblin1.cmd(with zoom hyper and intro) and hobgoblin no zoom.cmd
   change with the same cns file

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Nice! Collection updated with:


Gamora by Chuchoryu

Hobgoblin by BigPimp, edited by Shining

Iceman by Felicity*

Iron Fist by Blade edited by 087b

Kingpin by Gartanham, updated version**

Shuma Gorath by Ax

Venom by Ax


*This Iceman is just the X-Men Children of the Atom version, one of my favourites tho, over the agressive Splode's one. Also, as I wrote in the main post, characters straight out from the Capcom games are welcome here.

** The link for the updated version of Kingpin is the same as the previous one, since Gartanham just updated the file in his drive. For this reason I reuploaded the first version to a different host to keep both.

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Happy new year to all of you, fellows contributors 😄


New characters:

*** Main section:


- Rogue by MVCLovers (MVC1 style)

- Scarlet Spider by Mallboro Games (CVS POTS style)

- Thanos by -Whiplash- (MVC1 style)

- Thor by Loganir, edited by Ax

- Ultron by MVCLovers (MVC1 style)

- Venom by Bask (CVS style)

- Vulcan by Blagoy (open source beta)


*** Avengers Alliance:

- Doctor Octopus by Lugi1276

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On 1/6/2022 at 3:45 AM, Red Chariot said:

Didn't saw Daniel Linhares's edits of some Marvel characters.




A great bounty out there. I wasn't aware of any of those edits; I like the pal system of Spider-Man and Wolverine, similar to Coffemugen's Superman. Added them all!



However, this link leads to the BGM of Hulk stage in Marvel Super Heroes...


On 1/6/2022 at 9:01 PM, alnyrd said:


Added too.


Also, fixed the links for the missing:

- Cannonball by Crederensuan

- Cannonball by S666

- Sabretooth by Sei, Sookie and Idpp.

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So the collection has been updated with:


- Doctor Octopus by BigPimp, v1.0

- Ebony Maw by Josebueno 

- Gambit (EoH) by DCL

- Hulk by Daniel Linhares

- Hulk (EoH)by DCL

- Jean Grey (Phoenix) by Blade (link restored)

- Jean Grey (Phoenix) by Swanky

- Shocker by BigPimp v1.0


--Marvel Classics--


Spider Man gameboy by Lugi1276

Spider Man Mattel Hyperscan version by Lugi1276

Wolverine Mattel Hyperscan version by jdelprat

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