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Original thread by Ryou redone and updated by me.






Alucard: 1st: Akimoto: Original  - DopeFiend's update - Jawsmon's edit: Original - VladTurunen's edit: Original - Arethousleepy's edit / Slayer Rikudo & Gouketsu Wannabe / 2nd: Cafe: Original  - JapterDark's edit  - VladTurunen's edit 

3rd: Jawsmon: Recent  - Barbatos' edit  - Mr. Giang's edit   || Alucard's Girl Form (Lolicard)Kouzyoutyou2621


Alexander Anderson: 1st: DopeFiend [Alpha]  / 2nd: Mapo: Original JP - Belac's editJapterDark's edit  - MugenBr's edit  || Crazy Anderson: Loko


if you have any of the offline characters listed or any characters missing please let me know and I will update. Thank you.

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