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Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X


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Original thread by Ryou updated and remade by me.

Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.



JUMP ✕ Ultimate Stars

k83tsnL.png Untitled.png PbP4QI4.png pHKzoiZ.pngd0Txoho.pngktUmxzl.pngspacer.png

Kenshin Himura: [email protected]_Hin / ICinz / Laharl / Thunderbert / Knightmare404 Shadow Mercer / PackManMugen/ TigerMask || Hitokiri Battousai: PackManMugen || Sanosuke Sagara: Keyber - Romano45's edit / PackManMugen || Aoshi Shinomori: Keyber / TrafalgarLawzz / PackManMugen || Hajime Saito: Keyber / PackManMugen || Makoto Shishio: Keyber - TrafalgarLawzz's edit - Matt MUGEN's edit / PackManMugen || Yukishiro Enishi: Charmaher




Shinta: Warner || Kenshin Himura: 1st: The Disciple X / Nemo / 2nd: Aoshi24Edogawa Inpo [Kencyan] - Axxellord's edit  / Warner || Hitokiri Battousai: Aoshi24


Sanosuke Sagara: 1st: OCariocaNildo: Normal - Devil / 2nd: Edogawa Inpo [Old Kiwami] / 3rd: Edogawa Inpo [New Kiwami] / 4th: Aoshi24



Seta Soujiro: Aoshi24 || Aoshi Shinomori: Aoshi24 Edogawa Inpo [AOC] || Yukishiro Enishi: Aoshi24 / TOKATHIKI 


Hajime Saito: Aoshi24 / Edogawa Inpo [Gatocyu] || Shin Hajime: Aoshi24 || Souji Okita: Aoshi24 



Makoto ShishioAoshi24 / Edogawa Inpo [CCO] / Warner || Anji Yukyuuzan: Tiger-Genocide || Udo Jinei: Aoshi24




The Room Without Space by DanMT



[Full Game] Rurouni Kenshin: Soul and Sword by Aoshi24

Rurouni Kenshin Intro by Daniel Matheus

Rurouni Kenshin Screenpack by Speedster

ENG Sound Patch for Aoshi24's Kenshin & Saito by JapterDark

Kenshin Inspired Lifebars by Ruroini


Some Notes:

1. You can download the full game and use the Soul and Sword characters in normal Mugen.

2. If you have any of the missing characters or know anything missing let me know and I will update.

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